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Why Innovative Leaders Are Using CareerArc
Brand our platform for your Administration and leverage social and mobile networks to change the way job seekers and businesses connect.

Showcase your commitment to jobs and economic prosperity in your community

<p>The process and cost of recruitment today is putting a burden on your local businesses and job seekers, and ultimately impacts the economic well-being of your entire community. While jobs are often available, it takes too long and costs too much for businesses to connect with job seekers.</p> <p>CareerArc helps your Administration solve this problem by providing a government-branded jobs platform that matches relevant jobs from hiring companies with constituent job seekers through social media and mobile networks.</p> <p>Job seekers and employers are able to connect fast, making the platform the perfect complement to support your Administration's job creation initiatives.</p>

There is nothing better that we could do for the employers and job seekers of Atlanta than to provide an easy-to-use online platform where they can find each other.

Yvonne Cowser Yancy, Atlanta Commissioner of Human Resources

Fast to implement, easy to use,
immediate impact

The entire platform can be launched in just weeks, providing your constituency with a custom-branded solution to quickly connect job seekers with hiring employers. From the website to automated emails, everything looks and feels like it belongs to your community. Supporting your existing programs and requiring no overhead for development, maintenance, and administration, the solution will provide you with all the benefits of a jobs platform without any incremental drain on your existing resources.

It is critical for us to bridge the digital divide and match those job seekers
with open positions

Nelida Valentin, Executive Director, Newark Workforce Investment Board

Access critical data about job activity in your locality

CareerArc provides government leaders with unprecedented insights into local employment needs. Robust local job market data and analytics can be used to help steer key strategic decisions around future job growth. Extract a gap analysis to understand job availability and job demand, and help drive policy and recruit new businesses in your area.

A turn-key solution that goes beyond just technology

In addition to ensuring the platform is populated with jobs at launch, CareerArc works with your Administration to plan and execute a marketing strategy and high profile launch event to ensure both immediate and long-term results for your community.