CareerArc Launches CareerBark, New Service to Address Dog Unemployment

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Unemployment may have fallen to its lowest rate in 8 years, but a national epidemic has grown in the shadow of economic recovery: dog unemployment.

CareerArc–an award-winning HR technology provider–announced today the launch of CareerBark, a new service and campaign aiming to combat widespread joblessness in the canine community.

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“Dog unemployment is at an all-time high, an issue that continually hounds us. Through CareerBark, dogs will finally have access to the jobs they want, or never knew they wanted, as well as access to new tips and tricks to land respectable employment that could spark a new career.”

– Rayna Winston, CareerArc spokesperson 

What is CareerBark?

CareerBark will connect out-of-work dogs with open job opportunities through social media, as well as provide dogs on the hunt for a new job with free career advice such as resume prep, job matching, and grooming tips.

working dogs

“Dog joblessness has persisted unchecked for centuries and because of it, dogs have earned a bad reputation for depending heavily on their owners,” said Winston. “But we believe humans are largely to blame for this stigma: Our recent survey revealed that the top three skills Americans teach their dogs are how to sit, stay, and play dead. It is time we teach our dogs new tricks. CareerBark was designed to do just that.”

Some interview and job seeker tips dogs can expect to find on CareerBark include:

  • Dress for Success: Leave the leash at home.
  • Try not to drool when asking about compensation. And don’t beg.
  • Research the company in advance to learn about their policy for cats in the workplace.

Do you have an out-of-work dog?

Tweet us at @careerarc with an image of your unemployed dog. Include the desired job and the hashtag #careerbark and we will help match your dog with a job.

And to all of the hard-working dogs (service dogs, assistance dogs, K-9 police dogs), we thank you for your service! Please share your images with us @careerarc with the #careerbark hashtag too so we can celebrate and share your amazing contribution to humankind.

Aside from empowering dogs with job opportunities, we also help companies reach talent through social media and protect their employer brand through candidate experience and universal outplacement solutions. Learn more about the work we do and the passionate people behind our services.

CareerArc Launches CareerBark to Combat Dog Unemployment
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CareerArc Launches CareerBark to Combat Dog Unemployment
CareerArc launches CareerBark--a new service to combat widespread joblessness in the canine community. Join the fight against dog unemployment. #CareerBark
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