Our America is changing, and that’s a good thing.

We’re all collectively grappling with and striving for equality and justice for all. We at CareerArc realize many of us can never fully grasp the racism and oppression felt by people of color, and we never will. But we believe it is our responsibility to be part of the change. Staying silent is no longer an option.

We need zero tolerance for racism, both individual and systemic. We must demand that from our leaders and each other. If we fail to strive for and achieve equality in business and under the law, we will never truly prosper. 

Our America is changing, but what it becomes is up to us.

We pledge to listen, learn, and take action. We will be enrolling our staff in an unconscious bias assessment and training program to reveal the ways we may be unknowingly allowing hidden biases to influence the decisions we make in our professional and personal lives. We will educate ourselves about systemic racism through a book club to foster a healthy and open discussion on these topics. And we will continue to listen and learn from our communities and take feedback and suggestions from our team on the ways we as a company and as individuals can create meaningful change. This is just the first step of a longer journey. 

The conversations and events that unfold may be uncomfortable, like they are now. But we know that justice and equality are worth fighting for. The way we proceed and work towards meaningful change may not be perfect, but what is important is we work towards it with honesty and courage, together.

This is who we are at CareerArc, and what we stand for.



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