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Employee advocacy meets strategic automation

Picture this for a moment:

  1. 25% increase in annual hires
  2. Over 70% rise in candidate acceptance rates
  3. Initiated more than 23% diverse hires 
  4. Audience reach of 43M on social media 
  5. 26% increase in candidate traffic YoY

Sounds good, right?

These aren’t theoretical. These are the actual results our client Qualtrics saw from launching their employee advocacy program.

Wanna know how they did it? What they got right when so many other employee advocacy programs fail? It comes down to just two words.

Strategic automation

Like many of our clients, Qualtrics strategically automates the hardest but most impactful tactics in employee advocacy today—creating and publishing jobs and job-related content on social media. 

The result? More qualified applicants and hires, more often, and thousands of hours saved for TA leaders, recruiters, and employees. 

Maximum candidate reach. Minimum effort.

Why strategic automation is essential for an employee advocacy program

Did you know that most employee advocacy programs fail before they even begin?

Which actually makes sense. Employee advocacy is hard to do manually. Besides the very obvious time demands, its success also depends on the will of individual employees and recruiters to solve systemic challenges. 

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The top 3 challenges that bar employee advocacy programs from success are:

  1. Content challenges (53%)
  2. Difficulty keeping employees motivated (49%)
  3. Low adoption of the program by employees (47%) 

Systemic challenges need system-backed solutions.  

CareerArc solves all 3 challenges with just 1 click.

Novipax social recruiting job posts using CareerArc

How CareerArc automates employee advocacy

1. Content challenges—solved with automation. 

CareerArc is the only technology platform that auto-syncs with your ATS, auto-creates unique posts, and auto-publishes them across all of your social media accounts—including recruiters’ and employees’ social profiles. 

 👋 Buh-bye to manually crafting and scheduling social media posts one by one, and hello to the hundreds of hours back to you and your team. 🙌

2. Keeping employees motivated—no longer necessary.  

Connect your recruiters’ and employees’ social profiles to CareerArc and consider your employee advocacy program launched! Since social media posts are auto-created and auto-published using your pre-approved content, neither you nor your employees will need to muster any motivation to keep the content flowing. 

3. Adoption rates—solved through 1-click invite and frictionless authorization. 

No more sending out multiple emails to your staff asking them to post a job, a hiring event, or the latest company news on their social profiles. All you have to do is click the “Create invite” button and CareerArc sends your employees a secure authorization email that they can complete in seconds without creating a login.

The whole process takes just 2 minutes

Yes. It’s that simple. You set the rules on which types of content will publish on which profiles and track the growth of your network reach and influence through our analytics that measures job clicks, impressions, and engagement.

That’s why the share of CareerArc clients using our automated employee advocacy features nearly doubled in the past year.  

Stop pushing that rock up the employee advocacy hill. You and your employees deserve better. 

Use automation to get it to the top, and watch your network influence snowball with CareerArc. 

Ready to launch an employee advocacy strategy that works?

Ready to launch an employee advocacy strategy that works?

Why clients 💖 CareerArc

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Working with CareerArc is like pushing the easy button: We have over 30k open jobs at a given time, and CareerArc takes them all and seamlessly distributes them across multiple channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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Over the course of a year, hundreds of hours of my time are saved. I can’t imagine not using CareerArc to effectively execute our social media strategy.


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Perhaps the most surprising aspect to me is how little effort is required to produce these results…even with our minimal setup candidates are actively discovering us, engaging with the Magnite brand, and applying to our jobs.


Transform your social presence into a strategic source of hire

Auto-sync with jobs in your ATS

Turn your jobs and content into hundreds or thousands of posts automagically

Create attention-grabbing images without design skills

Publish automatically to corporate, recruiter, and employee profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Put your jobs and brand on the map with embeddable job maps

Build multi-post, jobs-integrated employer brand campaigns

Integrate with daily work tools like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more

Measure the impact of social media on recruiting outcomes

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