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Find the candidates you’ve been missing

CareerArc is the only social recruiting solution that turns your social media presence into a recruiting machine.

Our social recruiting software helps you cut through the noise on social media by activating your two most influential recruiting resources—your employer brand and your amazing people—to ensure you post the right content to the right channels, at scale, and reach the right candidates for any, and every, role. Oh, and you’ll save hundreds or even thousands of hours of work at the same time.

Auto-sync social posts with your ATS job inventory

Turn your jobs and content into hundreds or thousands of social media posts automagically

Automate corporate, recruiter, and employee publishing to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Create attention-grabbing images – no design skills required

Get post templates and recommendations based on best practices

Build multi-post, jobs-integrated employer brand campaigns

Put your jobs and employer brand on the map with embeddable, interactive job maps

Integrate with daily work tools (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more)

Track your social recruiting success with analytics and health scores

Ready to see it in action?

Save time with the only social recruiting platform that integrates with your jobs 💼

Social media management domination, minus the effort
Communicate your brand and jobs at scale without losing that personal touch. We’ve taken the pain out of social publishing through automation tools and templates and rich media libraries that ensure posts are brand-approved and tuned to recruit.

By autosyncing with your ATS, CareerArc’s social recruiting software leverages your jobs and job metadata to automatically post, repost, and manage social-optimized job content at scale, saving teams an average of 949 hours of work per year. With all this social sorcery you will finally have the time to practice your evil laugh or adopt a villainous kitty!

CareerArc social recruiting software - Magic posts - Calendar view

Automated magic posts do all the work for you ✨

It’s srsly intelligent publishing automation
Turn your assets into hundreds or even thousands of unique, social-optimized posts on the fly – all without lifting a finger. CareerArc’s one-of-a-kind intelligent tagging architecture mixes and matches similarly tagged jobs, text, hashtags, images, and video links to provide a constant stream of fresh, relevant, and diverse posts that multiply your social media presence exponentially. And how about those time savings? Hundreds or even thousands of hours of work per year. Yes, it’s like magic. 🦄

Create attention-grabbing content that stops the scroll and gets the hire 😍

Glow up your visuals – no design skills required
Eye-catching visuals earn valuable attention on social, which is why we’ve added a content studio to help you create graphics that impress. And you don’t need to be a designer to look professional. Our super simple visual editor works much like easy-to-use social media content creation tools. Choose an image from your asset library or from Pexels, crop it, add a filter, drop in preformatted/stylized text with your message, add a sticker or emoji, and go! You’ll be surprised at what you can make.

CareerArc social recruiting software - Content studio and photo editor

Build employer brand campaigns candidates love ❤️

Be on-brand, on-point, and on-task with every campaign
Talent acquisition and employer brand go hand in hand. So should your social media posts. CareerArc’s social recruiting platform includes employer brand campaign categories you can modify or add to so you can build your strategy and track performance at the campaign and post level. Create multi-post employer brand campaigns, including posts with employee spotlights, promotion shoutouts, career fair announcements, DEI content, culture and values, and more. And with our jobs-integrated social media publishing technology, you can also include links to the job openings in your ATS directly in employer brand posts. Sit back knowing each post gets you one step closer to your next great hire!

Turn employees into advocates for a network effect that builds and builds 🔥

Recruiters can automate job sharing over social media, too
The true power of social media is its network effect – your candidate audience grows with each like, share, and comment. Turn your employees into brand ambassadors to multiply your reach exponentially. By publishing to corporate social accounts as well as individual recruiter and employee profiles—including to unlimited personal LinkedIn feeds—CareerArc helps you re-engage your existing followers and grow influence with new and extended audiences through real, trusted connections that drive top talent back to you. Best of all, it’s automated so there’s no extra work for your recruiters and employee brand ambassadors to maintain a consistent stream of social media posts based on the frequency and cadence they choose.

Leverage CareerArc's social recruiting platform for employee advocacy. Recruiters, hiring managers, and employees can automate sharing your jobs and employer brand content over social media.
CareerArc social recruiting software - Recommendations and best practices

Get social media tips every step of the way 💡

We’re here for you, both in and out of the platform
Make every post count with handy post templates and automated recommendations that suggest the best imagery, publishing times, frequency, and more for your posts, all based on social media best practices. And our award-winning client success team provides additional strategy and 1:1 dedicated support (with Premier and Premier+ service plans) to help you up your game every step of the way should you need or want more guidance.

Don’t break a sweat getting content into the system 😅

Integration with daily work tools makes it easy to leverage the content you already have
CareerArc integrates with file-sharing platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint, OneDrive, and YouTube so you can pull marketing-approved assets and user-generated content from your employees directly into CareerArc’s asset library and content studio. We’ve also partnered with Pexels, a stock image library with hundreds of thousands of high-quality photos free for your use, to get you free access to the best visual content without ever leaving the CareerArc platform. Easily find, edit (or make!), and share custom images, company event photos, employee spotlight videos, and cat gifs like never before.

CareerArc social recruiting software - Integration with tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive
Example of a CareerArc social recruiting job map with Starbucks jobs

Revolutionize the way you display open jobs with interactive job maps📍

Put your employer brand on the map
CareerArc’s social recruiting software automatically places jobs from your ATS on an interactive map that lets candidates interact with your jobs nearest them, boosting engagement and the likelihood of applying. Job maps are brandable and embeddable into any career page or website, and displayed job postings can even include images and videos. See a live job map.

Measure the impact of social media on recruiting outcomes ⚡️

Know what works, what doesn’t, and what to do next
See your topline employer brand and job-related social media metrics, including reach, engagement, best-performing posts, jobs clicks, and more. With our drilldown reporting, track your performance in detail across every social platform, including which posts and content types are driving engagement, growth, and clickthroughs to your jobs. CareerArc is the only platform that calculates your social recruiting score to show how your social recruiting strategy is improving over time and benchmark against social media best practices.

See how it could work for you
Get more applicants
Quote mark
Our main hiring challenge was finding and reaching qualified, credentialed healthcare candidates without overextending our lean recruitment team. With CareerArc we quickly began to see qualified applicants come in from previously untapped talent sources.


BCD needed automated and personal – and they got it
Corporate Services

“Everything’s so automated, which is a great thing, but you also miss that personable approach. And so now that we have these personal posts going out on all of our LinkedIn pages, we’re able to connect with those candidates and really form that relationship with them early on.”


US Bank saved many hours of time and effort

“[Before CareerArc] I had a person spend hours and hours a day picking which jobs to tweet in which markets, figuring out hashtags, trying to find the right picture. And having CareerArc do that for us—significant savings to our company.”


Ulta Beauty increased hires 50%

“By partnering with CareerArc, we received 121k job applications—a 70% YOY increase—and made 15k hires, which is 50% more hires than the previous year. It was remarkable, and we attribute this success to CareerArc.”


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