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Hiring 2021: Must-know talent insights to boost your results

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CareerArc’s 2021 Future of Recruiting Study WEBINAR ON DEMAND!

We surveyed 1,156 people and confirmed what many employers are only beginning to suspect: Talent are on the move. Over 60% of full-time employees are seeking new jobs in 2021.

But after a turbulent 2020, what matters most to candidates today? And how are companies gearing up to both attract and retain top talent?

Join Tallulah David, VP of Content and Product Marketing at CareerArc, as she reveals the complete findings from CareerArc’s 2021 Future of Recruiting Study and learn:

  • How candidates evaluate a job: what will make them apply, accept, or run away in 2021
  • Where candidates go to find jobs, evaluate your culture, and engage with your brand
  • Companies’ top hiring priorities, anxieties, and tech investments this year
  • How 2020’s headlines—Covid-19, racial equality, and politics—made an impact, and how respondents predict these issues will continue to shape 2021 and beyond

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About the presenter, Tallulah David

Tallulah David served as VP at CareerArc, leading content marketing and product marketing strategy, research, and development. She has led and published multiple industry reports on the state of recruiting, employer branding, and candidate experience, which have garnered coverage from The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fast Company, Adweek, and TIME. A graduate of UC Berkeley, Tallulah has over 10 years of experience in B2B tech marketing and seven years in the HR and talent acquisition tech space.

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