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Company: Elekta
Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
Career Level: Mid-Senior Level
Industries: Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Biotech


Want to join a team with a mission to improve and save lives?

We continually look for motivated and skilled individuals who are interested in supporting our customers – healthcare professionals who use our products to help patients and their communities.

We currently have the following opportunity available - please contact us for more details!

Description -

This is a global role and can be based in any of our areas or locations

The Enterprise Architecture will be a key member of the new Enterprise Architecture Team in Elekta, reporting to the Director of Enterprise Architecture. The Enterprise Architecture function guides and governs the structure and direction of Elekta's product software to ensure the business can meet its strategic goals across the whole product portfolio. Component function, APIs and Services, data entity definition and other key structural architectural features are defined and governed by the Enterprise Architecture team in collaboration with other stakeholders – product management, system architects and subject-area specialists in the wider engineering organisation. Elekta is introducing a new software platform for use across the product portfolio. The Platform Architecture is specified and governed by the Enterprise Architecture team. Detailed component architecture and design is done by System Architects, engineers and subject specialists in the wider Engineering teams. The Enterprise Architecture function is part of the Elekta Platform Group.

The Elekta Platform is an environment of collaborating service-oriented software components or Elements, shared across all Elekta products. Elekta products are taken to market by 5 Business Lines. Requirements for Platform functionality are set by the Product Management team across Elekta's Business Lines. Element functions, APIs, data entity models and other key structural architectural features are defined and governed by the Enterprise Architecture team within the Elekta Platform Group in collaboration with Product Management and other stakeholders. Underlying platform utility Elements are delivered by the Elekta Platform Group engineering teams. New Elekta product features are developed by the Platform Group and other Business Line engineering teams in close collaboration. The Elekta Platform is a new programme within Elekta which will have its first delivery this year and then will continue to be a foundational aspect of all Elekta products.

Responsibilities -

Drive overall product portfolio software architecture to meet Elekta's product and business goals. Product portfolio architecture must actively help Elekta to deliver innovative product software that is effective and easily usable, with thoroughly robust, reliable run-time behaviour and good performance. Elekta software must be convenient and cheap to manage, maintain and update in the field. Software must be appropriately designed and implemented for safe and efficient use within a healthcare environment at a clinic, meeting stringent healthcare and security standards.

Prepare and present a set of Enterprise Architecture Roadmaps, together with other Enterprise Architecture team members. The Roadmaps will guide the delivery of all functional and non-functional product features in a coordinated way across Elekta's product portfolio.

Contribute to a clear Architectural Vision in the roadmaps for development of Elekta products in the short, medium and long term. Interact with key stakeholders across Business Line Product Management, System Architecture, Regulatory, and Advanced Development teams to ensure the product development vision in the business is informed and supported by the EA Roadmap.

Contribute to a small set of key Architectural Directives to guide all software engineering work across Elekta. Participate in processes for guidance and review to make sure that these Directives are always implemented.

Contribute to the creation and maintenance of an Architectural specification and Architectural Roadmap for the Elekta Platform

Deliver contributions to the EA Roadmap in a timely fashion so that new features are brought into Elekta Products in an orderly way with Architecture Runways prepared in good time ahead of Elekta engineering Agile Delivery trains. Ensure that data models, process models and APIs have been established to a useful base level ahead of the start of delivery trains

Work with the wider team to drive understanding and easy adoption of the Elekta Platform for all software engineering teams in Elekta. Help to guide Elekta towards modern service-based architecture for composable services and UIs. Work to ensure that Elekta products are cloud-ready and can safely and easily support recent and new technologies such as Machine Learning, Data Analytics, SaaS based collaborator apps, mobile as well as desktop access etc.

Contribute to a clear model of the Functional Architecture across Elekta's product portfolio. Use functional domains as the basis for distributed design and governance processes across the business. Help establish and coordinate curators for each functional domain.

Contribute to the creation and maintenance of a clear specification of the Non-Functional Architectural Constraints across Elekta's product portfolio. Ensure that architectural roadmaps and specifications provide ways for the non-functional requirements for Elekta's products to be realised and maintained as effectively as possible

Help to ensure that Elekta has a well understood and usable Logical Data Model for use across all Products. With the Enterprise Architecture team, present this Data Model in various forms so it can be understood and used. Contribute to a reference Elekta Data Dictionary as well as visual representations of the data model. Ensure the logical data model is constructed in a way that makes it convenient for API and Data exchange definitions and reasonably future proof. Assist systems architects and engineers to translate the logical data model into appropriate concrete data storage schemas, API parameters etc.

Help to guide and govern APIs and Services used across the Elekta product portfolio. Ensure that APIs have a standard, effective format, clear specification and effective versioning policies. Maintain a well-documented API and Service Catalogue. Ensure APIs and services are used appropriately and functionality Is not duplicated.

Be a credible, trusted technical authority on distributed product architecture, system reliability, security issues within a distributed system and other general architectural concerns. Be a trusted, capable technical advisor, able to guide and influence across a global organisation of experts and specialists. Be comfortable presenting and discussing technical issues with non-technical stakeholders, clinical and scientific specialists and senior management in an inclusive and impactful way, so that architectural issues and innovations are understood and accepted and can then be addressed by the whole business.

Stay well informed on software and healthcare industry developments to ensure Elekta is fully aligned with latest regulations, innovations and industry trends and can plan key product requirements in good time.

Authorities -

Accountable for

  • Effective and timey contributions to the Enterprise Architecture function with Architecture Roadmaps and other strategy documents regularly updated and proven to be used and realised
  • Participation in a regular cadence of delivery of architectural roadmap features into products via well-planned Architectural Runway definitions for project teams
  • Effective implementation of strategies to deliver future technology into Elekta Products, offering a useful platform for research teams to prototype innovations and an enabling architecture that allows innovations to be merged into ongoing product development
  • Accuracy and completeness of contributed architectural analysis for Functional Decomposition, Data model definition, API structure and other key architectural feature common to all software elements across the Elekta product suite
  • Effectiveness of contributed architectural strategies for software lifecycle management. Legacy products and components must be able to be decommissioned with functionality migrated to new suites with minimum cost and customer disruption

Responsible for

  • Delivery and regular refresh of components within a set of Architecture Roadmaps to guide product software development across all Elekta products.
  • Definition of components within the Platform Architecture as part of the Roadmap so that Elekta can deliver modular product components in an efficient and effective way using the emerging Elekta Software Platform
  • Capable, effective team work within the Enterprise Architecture function, ensuring the team meets strategic goals and performs well
  • Actively participating in Enterprise Architecture forums to educate, guide and govern architectural aspects of Elekta's software portfolio
  • Ensuring each Agile Train in software engineering sets off well prepared with appropriate Architectural runway specifications, models and guidance for contributed components
  • Engagement with teams across Elekta to facilitate and guide software architectural planning and implementation, to explain and illustrate Architectural roadmaps and strategy and generally to ensure Elekta's software solutions are best in class
  • Addressing emerging new technologies in Roadmap contributions and technical plans to ensure Elekta can take advantage of innovations and industry developments as quickly and effectively as possible
  • Collaborating with research teams in Elekta to ensure the Platform and general architectural strategy are well positioned to meet the needs of teams driving innovation in Elekta's product portfolio

Consulted on

  • General technical issues for strategic direction, general technical information and advice.
  • The validity of architectural mechanisms to ensure Elekta is fully aligned with latest regulations, innovations and industry trends and can plan key product requirements effectively.
Relevant Knowledge, skills and competencies -

This is a technical leadership role requiring considerable expertise in software engineering and architecture with active experience of architecture for digital, cloud and web-based solutions. We are looking for passionate people with strong technical communication skills, the ability to lead calmly and decisively and influence others with articulation and insight.

  • A graduate degree, preferably in Maths, Sciences, Engineering or Computer Science
  • Excellent technical communication skills, with the ability to create and deliver compelling written, graphical, and spoken content tailored for customers, senior-level management, design and research teams, or a large, diverse audience
  • Good experience and understanding of architectural patterns for system and data organisation that are successful in modern digital web-based and cloud-ready environments
  • Proven experience successfully directing architectural solutions within small teams and guiding large software projects to implement good architecture
  • Experience of delivering innovation in product development
  • Healthcare IT or medical device subject matter knowledge is desirable. Knowledge of oncology is a big plus, but not expected.
  • Experience of successfully delivering products subject to regulatory requirements and international standards

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