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So what is social media recruiting?

To quote from our Guide to social media recruiting: “Social media recruitment is the art and science of finding, attracting, engaging, and hiring job candidates through social media.” At its most basic, it means making sure your active jobs get posted on social media, too.

But a fully-developed social media recruiting effort aims to transform your entire social media presence into a strategic source of hire. The most effective social media recruiting strategy will include a variety of posts that have the potential to influence a candidate’s decision-making, from employee spotlights to diversity and inclusion initiatives to workplace culture, and everything in between. Plus, it would encourage brand ambassadorship and leverage multiple social profiles—branded company profiles, recruiter profiles, and employee profiles—across several social networks.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: That’s a lot of work! But with the right help, social media recruiting can help you recruit better candidates, get faster results, and save you a lot of time and money.

How long will social recruiting take to see results?

You can begin to see candidate traffic to your career site and ATS as soon as we start publishing social media posts to your social profiles—which can take as little as 3 days to set up and launch!

We only need to connect CareerArc to your ATS and gather assets—approved images, brand logos, text, etc.—and can go as fast as you can go during the onboarding process. Our onboarding team will also guide you on the best practices for social media content strategy and optimization as we set up your first campaigns so you come out strong and start seeing results fast.

What if we don’t have social media networks or followers?

We get that one a lot. And seemingly, it makes sense. What’s the point of creating content on social media if no one’s going to see it?

But in over a decade of doing this, we’ve discovered that the whole “no followers = no point” argument gets vastly misused, for a few reasons:

  • Social media recruiting isn’t just for your followers. It’s for your candidates and your prospective candidates—people going to your job boards, your career pages, and your website. Those candidates are checking out your employer brand on social media during their job search. 86% of job seekers use social media in their job search. So even if you don’t have followers, you should be creating content for your candidates, too.
  • The network effect of social media allows you to extend your reach beyond for followers. For example, a follower could share your post, allowing you to reach a wider audience. Using the right hashtags allows your posts to be found by search. Candidates can even find your social posts through search engines like Google. In short? Having a following is just one of the ways you can reach candidates on social but not the only one.
  • Lastly: lack of followers is never a good reason to not engage in social media recruitment, because social media recruitment builds followers. (See here for all the different types of ways you can showcase your employer brand through social media.)

Take Clark College. Before CareerArc, they lacked a meaningful presence on social media. But through CareerArc’s social media recruiting platform, they are now on all major social media platforms, which has driven significant engagement with both job seekers and followers.

How should I measure the success of social recruiting?

This is a pretty weighty topic. For an in-depth discussion on this, see here. But in short, here are some key metrics to keep an eye on:

  • Your overall performance. In other words, are you seeing more engagement, more followers, and more clicks?
  • What type of content, both in terms of topic and in terms of assets (for example, a video vs. an image) sees better results?
  • The best times to post. If you consistently see better results at certain times, you’re gonna want to post in those times.

It’s also important to remember that, when it comes to social media recruiting, engagement is not the only metric to measure. Keep an eye on job clicks and your overall reach as well. And again, you can read more about all this here.

What is included in CareerArc's Social Recruiting Platform?

Included in the starting price:

  • ATS auto-sync 
  • Self-building magic posts for jobs and employer brand
  • Unlimited job posts
  • Unlimited employer brand posts
  • Unlimited distribution to brand, recruiter and employee social profiles
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Content studio
  • Standard client success support

Additional add-ons include: Job maps and premier-level client success support

Are contracts annual or month-to-month?

Currently, CareerArc only offers annual contracts.

What is the difference between standard and premier client success support?

Standard support (included in starting price):

  • Rapid response (6:00 AM – 5:00 PT Monday-Friday)
  • Online help center with videos and how-to guides
  • On-demand training webinars

Premier support (additional cost):

  • Everything included in standard support
  • Dedicated client success manager 
  • Account health check-ins
  • Account strategy and best practice calls

The only social recruiting platform built for talent acquisition

CareerArc turns social media into your recruiting engine. By activating your two most influential recruiting resources—your employer brand and your employee networks—CareerArc quickly scales your recruiting reach through automation so you attract more qualified candidates for any, and every, role.

Finally reach the top candidates you’ve been missing—faster, more efficiently, and more easily than ever before.


CareerArc auto-syncs with your ATS inventory to connect your jobs with multiple social media platforms via our all-in-one social recruiting dashboard. Always be up-to-date without lifting a finger!


Our engine intelligently matches your content and graphics with related jobs to create high-quality, attention-grabbing posts at scale with minimal effort. Say goodbye to manual social media post creation!


Reach more candidates with automated posting to unlimited company, recruiter, and employee social media profiles. Recruiting on autopilot? I’m in. Sit back, relax and watch your candidates flow in!

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