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Social recruiting
for retail

Hire retail talent where they shop, browse, and build brand affinity fastest—on social media

Social recruiting helps you reach and attract more retail candidates, and their extended networks, driving more potential hires and customers to your door.

The next evolution of social recruiting

Retail recruiting has never been more challenging, but social media brings opportunity

With the extremes of the pandemic, seasonal hiring surges, rampant and high turnover, and fierce competition for skilled labor across all levels of the organization, retail talent acquisition teams must continually adapt to keep their businesses on track.

Social recruiting can help you keep pace with your high-volume hiring needs while keeping your employer brand front and center, ensuring you are top of mind for active as well as passive job seekers. Your next job candidate can likely be your current customer, and vice versa. That likelihood has never been higher than today when social media content consumption, posting, and online purchases have spiked during the pandemic. This is true for both consumers and job seekers: over 60% of job seekers increased their social media usage in 2020, nearly half of whom increased it by at least an hour a day.

At a moment when buyer and job seeker attention has increasingly turned to social media, retail brands can’t afford to leave good candidates, and potential customers, on the table. But how do you drive more potential hires and sales to your door without driving costs, or your recruiting team, up the wall? Luckily, we have the answer—and yes, it’s a bit like magic.


Retailers that use professional social networks to hire talent


Retailers who say developing a meaningful social content strategy is their biggest pain point


Increase in social media referral traffic to online stores in the last two years

Source: Eploy, Blazon, The Social Element

Social recruiting helps retail talent acquisition teams find the talent you need quickly

CareerArc is the only social recruiting platform built specifically for talent acquisition, helping you overcome the challenges of finding enough of the right talent, whether you’re navigating changing demand due to the pandemic, managing seasonal surges, opening new stores, or trying to fill your always-open roles. With years of experience helping retailers find talent, including during the challenges of Covid, our award-winning client success team is here to help you build solid social recruiting strategies and support you every step of the way.

of job seekers use social media in their job search

Get more applicants faster to meet your changing hiring needs

Find candidates for your high-volume and always-open staffing needs as well as store openings and other hiring surges by keeping your jobs and employer brand content in front of top talent where they are – social media. Use social recruiting to turn like-minded fans and followers into applicants who are motivated to work for you.

Stand out from the competition with a strong brand

Employer brand matters, especially when you’re up against competition within and outside the industry. Connect with candidates through groundbreaking tools that showcase your employer brand consistently and frequently, create meaningful brand engagement and affinity, and keep your open jobs top of mind.

Power social recruiting for multiple brands and locations

Recruit for multiple retail brands, corporate headquarters, stores, or other locations. CareerArc’s social recruiting platform enables you to manage customized, branded social posts and job maps for each location all in one platform so you can easily find and encourage engagement with the local candidates you need, when and where you need them.


CareerArc helps us spread our social media message branding at a quick, efficient, and organized pace.


The only social recruiting platform built for talent acquisition

CareerArc turns social media into your recruiting engine. By activating your two most influential recruiting resources—your employer brand and your employee networks—CareerArc quickly scales your recruiting reach through automation so you attract more qualified candidates for any, and every, role.

Finally reach the top candidates you’ve been missing—faster, more efficiently, and more easily than ever before.


CareerArc auto-syncs with your ATS inventory to connect your jobs with multiple social media platforms via our all-in-one social recruiting dashboard. Always be up-to-date without lifting a finger!


Our engine intelligently matches your content and graphics with related jobs to create high-quality, attention-grabbing posts at scale with minimal effort. Say goodbye to manual social media post creation!


Reach more candidates with automated posting to unlimited company, recruiter, and employee social media profiles. Recruiting on autopilot? I’m in. Sit back, relax and watch your candidates flow in!

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