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What is social recruiting?

What is social recruiting?

What is social recruiting - young people share ideas using phones and laptops

Social recruiting is the practice of finding, attracting, and engaging with candidates on social media. Unlike traditional talent acquisition tactics and channels, such as job boards and job advertising, social media presents a unique opportunity to reach candidates where they spend the most time online, build organic employer brand awareness that lasts, and reach the extended networks of your candidate audience with each like, share, and comment.

We also think it’s more fun though we might be biased. 😉

But this one’s a fact: While some might claim that posting a job on social qualifies as social recruiting a successful approach requires strategy and scale to be successful. Learn how CareerArc helps companies achieve real results from social recruiting.

Why use social media to recruit talent?

Social media remains one of the few untapped competitive advantages for employers today. Social networks house the largest online repository of talent in the world, and 9 out of 10 companies have a social presence. But most employers still lack the social strategy and solution to effectively reach and attract the right candidates at scale. This is why we’ve built the only recruiting platform and philosophy with social at the core.

CareerArc client social recruiting examples in mobile phone

Your candidates are social, mobile natives

Capture candidate attention on the sites they frequent most.

Candidates use social media
72% of all adults in the U.S. use social media, including 90% of Americans between 18 to 29 years old. Globally, time spent on social media has doubled in the past 5 years, now nearly at 2.5 hours each day.

Candidates want social proof
Job seekers evaluate career opportunities similar to how they make purchasing decisions—they go online in search for social proof. 75% of candidates consider an employer’s brand before applying for a job, and they rank social media as a top resource to research company culture and reputation.

Candidates are on mobile
Up to 70% of web traffic now happens on mobile devices, and much of that traffic is on social media: 98% of Facebook users access the site through mobile. Integrating social into your recruiting strategy helps you quickly deliver a candidate experience on the devices and sites they use most.

Social media can influence every stage of the candidate experience

CareerArc’s award-winning social recruiting software and client service help you easily and systematically create more meaningful touchpoints in the candidate journey and maximize every opportunity.

Social networks serve as powerful search engines job seekers use every day to find and follow relevant topics and jobs by keyword and hashtag. Social media pages and organic social posts can even appear in search engine results and positively impact your site’s SEO. We work with you to craft engaging, optimized content so your posts and pages are searchable and share-worthy.

Nearly two-thirds of candidates click on career-related content on social networks. Engage with talent even before they realize they’re candidates by leveraging the most effective tools and channels—social media, employee referrals, social advertising, and more—to deliver compelling content that turns their attention into action.

A company’s employees are rated as more trusted sources of information about that company over its CEO. Establish trust with candidates more quickly by engaging with employees and candidates alike on social media where talent are actively evaluating your brand. Enhance candidate quality through employer branding content that resonates with the right talent and attract those who most identify with your unique culture and values.

Advocacy and referral
Employee referrals are the #1 source for above-average hires. Tap into employees’ personal and professional networks and get better candidates faster by launching easy, engaging, social-enabled referral programs that turn your top employees into your best recruiters.

Growth that maximizes all recruitment marketing efforts
When employer branding and social recruiting are implemented strategically, it will impact all recruitment marketing efforts, improving KPIs across the board, including reducing time to fill and cost per hire while increasing candidate quality.

What are the benefits of social recruiting?

Social media has become a part of the candidate journey and a common destination where passive job seekers discover new brands and job openings, where active job seekers evaluate potential employers before and after they apply to a job, and where employees advocate for their employer’s brands. And sure, it’s also a place to hunt down the latest cat meme—which only further proves our point that by actively showcasing your jobs and branded content on social media you can optimize your entire recruiting spend and effort to drive more engaged, qualified, and cat-loving (or dog-loving) culture-fit candidates to your door, in less time.

Here are just some of the benefits social recruiting can bring you.

of job seekers use social media in their job search
Get more applicants

Social media drives repeatable results

CareerArc has worked with thousands of businesses across all industries, providing innovative, easy-to-use social recruiting technology and award-winning customer care to reach active and passive candidates via social media, reduce time to fill, and build brand reputation. Here are just a few examples of companies successfully leveraging the power of social media as a key component of their recruiting strategies.

BCD needed automated and personal – and they got it
Corporate Services

“Everything’s so automated, which is a great thing, but you also miss that personable approach. And so now that we have these personal posts going out on all of our LinkedIn pages, we’re able to connect with those candidates and really form that relationship with them early on.”


Leonardo DRS shrunk time to fill and cost per hire

“Before CareerArc, we used a generic job board that had our positions sitting right beside listings from our competitors. What CareerArc offers is just light-years beyond that. The candidate experience they help us deliver shrunk our time to fill, cost per hire, and turnover. We’ve come a full 180.”


VON went beyond job boards to show ROI

“CareerArc not only allowed us to effectively recruit beyond job boards, but they consistently came back with the results to prove our return on investment.”


Ready to get social?

How does social recruiting work?

Organic social content builds continuous brand engagement, loyal followers, and ROI

Both organic and paid social media posts help you build your social audience but in different ways. Paid social ads offer a short-term boost to your content allowing your posts to reach existing as well as new audiences who are currently outside your organic reach through ad targeting.

Unpaid organic posts give both loyal and new visitors a reason to stay and interact with your brand, follow your page, and join your community—driving continuous engagement and long-term ROI. Organic posts can also expand your brand to new audiences through content optimization and hashtag and keyword targeting so your posts become more likeable, shareable, and searchable on social networks. To build a loyal community of advocates and candidates, you need an organic social strategy and solution that scales.

CareerArc is the only social recruiting solution that helps you strategically tap into the vast talent population and brand-building power of social media to reach, engage, and convert active and passive job seekers at scale.

What is social recruiting strategy?

Now that’s a great question. How much time do you have?

The short answer: Not all social recruiting strategies are the same–because not all companies, industries, and hiring needs are the same. We know this because we’ve helped some of the most exciting brands across multiple industries hire the talent they needed yesterday. From hospital RNs and CNAs to CDL truck drivers, the job openings we help our clients hire for requires a unique strategy that is up to the task.

The long answer: Click here to learn more about the strategic service we offer every client at multiple levels of support. If you want to talk about how we would develop a strategy specific to you, let’s hop on a call today. Talking shop is our favorite thing to do, besides counting purple squirrels.

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