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Social recruiting for manufacturing

Get more qualified manufacturing talent on social media

Social recruiting puts manufacturing companies in front of the top candidates they need for every level of the organization.

The next evolution of social recruiting

You’re facing an industry-wide skills gap and fierce talent competition from all sides

The manufacturing workforce already had its share of challenges prior to the pandemic: an aging workforce, skills shortages, and fierce competition for manufacturing candidates for all levels and locations. Deloitte estimates that 2018-2028 will generate 4.6 million manufacturing job openings but predicts only 2.2 million of those will be filled. The aging workforce population only widens this gap in qualified manufacturing talent—a gap that pushes time-to-fill and cost-per-hire to new levels each year. Despite the global disruption of COVID-19, Bureau of Labor Statistics data showed the gap between open positions and available skilled workers in manufacturing remained even during the pandemic.

Talent attraction and retention in manufacturing has never been more challenging, nor more critical, which is why many turn to social recruiting to reach candidates directly, more frequently, and at scale.

Ready for real competitive advantage in recruiting? We can’t see you, but we can sense you’re nodding “yes.” Luckily, nodding also unlocks the secret behind CareerArc’s magic. Scroll down to peek behind the curtain, or click here for a personal tour.


Manufacturing jobs that will be left unfilled by 2028 due to the skills gap


Estimated percentage of the manufacturing workforce aged 55 or older in 2019


Average cost-per-hire in manufacturing—the second-highest CPH across all industries

Social recruiting delivers the competitive advantage manufacturing companies need

CareerArc is the only social recruiting platform built to give manufacturing companies the speed and scale they need to reach top talent on social media. Battle rising competition, cost per hire, and time to fill by leveraging the most effective social recruiting solution on the market. With an award-winning client success team to strategize and support you at each step, CareerArc delivers unrivaled employer brand reach on social networks so you can truly compete for skilled talent and attract employees for every job opening and any location.

of job seekers use social media in their job search

Get more applicants faster to meet your constant hiring needs

With so many brands and industries competing for qualified manufacturing talent, recruiting starts long before the next req is opened. That’s why more manufacturing employers are turning to social recruiting. CareerArc’s unmatched solution and strategic service helps you build a healthy pipeline of candidates that can meet the constant demand for skilled candidates and transform your brand’s social media presence into a social recruiting engine.

Stand out from the crowd and reach the talent you deserve

Employer brand matters, especially when you’re up against competition within and outside your own industry. Social recruiting gives you the edge you need to connect with candidates on the networks they visit every day. Through groundbreaking tech and client support that showcase your employer brand consistently and frequently, you can create meaningful and memorable brand engagement and affinity that keeps your open jobs top of mind.

Recruit for multiple locations and meet talent where they are

Whether you are hiring for a global workforce or to fill regional demand, CareerArc has you covered. CareerArc’s social recruiting platform enables you to easily manage customized, branded social posts and job maps for each location all in one platform. Our technology and client success team ensure your posts are expertly geo-tagged, keyword-rich, and hashtag-optimized to meet candidates where they live, both online and in real life (IRL as we say on social). And don’t worry—we also speak social so you don’t have to.


Our employer brand and job postings have never before achieved the level of reach and exposure we are seeing today.


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