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Social Recruiting Webinars

Listen to industry experts and thought leaders discuss the importance of employer branding and social recruiting.

HR as Ally: How to make #BlackLivesMatter in the workplace

Join Katrina Jones, Tamara M. Rasberry, Kate Bischoff, Jane Garza -- for an interactive panel discussion that will provide insights, best practices, and share experiences to empower HR leaders to become catalysts for change in their organizations.

Live chat: Back to the workplace—What's forever changed, and how to prepare for the transition

Join Tracie Sponenberg, Kate Bischoff, Jon Thurmond, and Caroline Vernon -- to learn best practices to help your organization and people navigate the next stage of the coronavirus crisis.

Recession, Risk, & Reward: What forward-thinking employers do in a down economy

Join CareerArc’s executive team -- Yair Riemer, President of Career Transition Services, Jason Blais, EVP of Social Recruiting, and Mark Fordham, SVP of Client Success -- to learn how to plan ahead for when hiring demands return and identify opportunities to find top talent.

The Ultimate Stress Test: How to use your employer brand under pressure

Join Ph.Creative CEO and Founder Bryan Adams, Danaher Global Employer Brand Lead Charlotte Marshall, and Job Portraits Cofounder Miki Johnson -- to learn how to best activate and apply your employer brand in these unprecedented times.

LinkedIn 201: Must-know social selling techniques to boost your hiring

Join Sandra Long -- LinkedIn expert and author -- to learn social selling strategies and tactics to maximize recruiting wins.

Glow Up Your Glassdoor: How to authentically, effectively raise your Glassdoor profile

Join Erin Mathew -- Talent Sourcer -- to learn how to enhance your company's Glassdoor profile and employee culture.

Walking the Talent Tech Tightrope: Balancing Automation & Personalization in the Candidate Experience

Join Alyssa Gioscia -- Sr Client Success Manager at CareerArc -- to learn how to automate the right processes in the candidate experience without losing that human touch.

AI Unplugged: Must-know Artificial Intelligence primer for the modern recruiter

Join Mike “Batman” Cohen -- founder of Wayne Technologies -- to learn how artificial intelligence can how you help you achieve your recruiting goals.

LinkedIn Branding Secrets: How to transform your LinkedIn profile into a candidate magnet

Join Tangie Pettis -- Strategic Talent Sourcing Manager at Aspen Dental -- to learn how to fully leverage your LinkedIn presence with must-know best practices.

Secrets from a Top Sourcer: How to Source & Engage Today's Increasingly Passive Talent

Join Greg Hawkes -- Strategic Talent Sourcer and Founder of the HRSourcingToolbox -- to discover the best sources for top passive candidates along with the select tools and techniques recruiters must know to succeed.

Webinars: The New, Overlooked Talent Strategy? How virtual events are winning today's top talent

Join Madeline Mann -- HR leader and creator of the top-rated “Self Made Millennial” YouTube Channel -- and discover why webinars are emerging as a highly effective strategy for attracting quality candidates.

Reddit Recruiting: The Best-Kept Secret in Sourcing Top Candidates

Join Erin Mathew -- top talent sourcer, blogger, and speaker -- and discover highly engaged talent communities on Reddit and learn how to recruit top candidates.

Social Recruiting 101: How to Apply a Growth Mindset to Your LinkedIn, Twitter, & Instagram Strategy

Join Jon Thurmond -- Mid-Atlantic Regional Human Resources Manager for Team Fishel and #HRSocialHour Podcast Host -- and discover how to find, build, and nurture communities on social media.

2019 Facebook Recruiting Playbook: How to Boost Your Reach in an Ever-Evolving Social Network

Join Mira Greenland -- SVP of CareerArc -- and discover new Facebook best practices to maintain an engaged candidate audience, achieve maximum exposure, and more.

Talent is Evolving, Are You? How to Adopt a Retention Mindset, Abandon Transactional Approaches, and more!

Join Steve Browne -- VP of HR for LaRosa’s, Inc., -- and learn how to become a talent-based organization in today's evolving labor market.

7 Must-know Candidate Attraction (& Retention) Techniques for 2019: Instagram, Email Drip, Copywriting & More

Join Daniel Roberts -- CEO of Friendly Human -- and learn how to identify more culture-fit talent and usher top candidates from attraction to hire in less time.

Sourcing Secrets 201: Powerful Techniques for Targeting Talent [Part 2]

Join Todd David -- Senior Sourcer -- and Austin Luu -- Global Talent Sourcer -- and discover surprising new talent sources and gather techniques that get you the information you really need, faster.

Sourcing Secrets 201: Powerful Techniques for Targeting Talent [Part 1]

Join Todd David -- Senior Sourcer -- and discover surprising new talent sources and gather techniques that get you the information you really need, faster.

High-ROI Sourcing: Secrets to Finding Hidden Talent in the Candidate-Scarce Era

Join Greg Hawkes -- Strategic Talent Sourcer -- and discover high-impact techniques, tools, and hacks necessary to succeed in today’s challenging talent market.

Talent Acquisition + Marketing: Let's (finally) Be Friends!

Join talent branding expert, Lisa Chartier -- and learn how to cultivate an effective partnership with your marketing team to succeed as a business and employer.

Wow Candidates, Win Customers: The Consumer-Centric Approach to Candidate Experience

Join Brian Smith -- Senior Associate at Mercer -- and learn how to create memorable and meaningful candidate experiences that will impact your talent pipeline.

The New Rules of Recruiting: How to Win the Talent Game by Playing the Whole Board

Join James Ellis -- Global Head of Employer Brand at Groupon -- and discover the new rules of recruiting that will secure the best talent for today and tomorrow.

Social Recruiting 101: The Must-Know Tactics & Strategies for LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter Hiring

Join Jon Thurmond -- Mid-Atlantic Regional Human Resources Manager for Team Fishel -- and discover the must-know tactics and strategies to recruit on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Your 2018 Essentials List: The Must-Have Tools & Strategies To Compete for Top Talent

Join Jennifer Newbill, Director of Global Talent Acquisition COE (Center of Excellence) and Amy Forbes Winebright, Global Employment Brand Project Manager at Dell -- to find out what are the 2018 must-have tools for recruiting teams of any size to compete for top talent.

World Class Employer Brand in 100 Days: How This Radically Different Approach Makes Exec Buy-in Much Easier

Join Charlotte Marshall--VP of Digital, Social Media & Employer Brand at Magellan Health--and discover the trick to creating an employer brand that resonates with candidates, internal stakeholders and customers.

Recruiting With Purpose: How to Communicate Company Values to Attract High-Value Hires

Join Kerry Noone--Recruitment Marketing and Advertising Director at CVS--as she reveals what, and what not to do, so you can confidently recruit with purpose and authenticity on social media.

2018 Kickstart: Re-Energize Your Employer Brand Strategy

Watch this unique workshop led by Rayanne Thorn - VP of Marketing at Dovetail Software - whose years of diverse experience spans recruitment, employer branding, employee retention and marketing.

Employer Branding 201: There Are Only 12 Ways to Communicate Your Employer Brand (Do You Know Them All?)

James Ellis, Head of Global Employer Brand at Groupon, returns to cover all the effective ways of crafting and communicating a unique employment brand message.

Employer Branding 101: No Really, What Is Employer Brand and Why Should I Care?

Join James Ellis, Head of Global Employer Brand at Groupon, who will define what an employer brand actually is (and isn't) and how to start communicating your employer brand to the world.

Social Recruiting 201: The Must-Know Inbound Marketing Techniques To Boost Your Social Strategy

Join Audra Knight, Recruitment Marketing Strategist at Tenable, and learn how to apply an effective inbound marketing strategy on social media, email, website, and other channels to showcase your employer brand and open jobs.

Facebook Sourcing Secrets: How To Find & Engage with Talent on Facebook

Join Todd Davis (The Candidate Generator), Senior Sourcer (Google, Amazon) who will reveal the proven approach, tools, and techniques to simply and effectively source talent on Facebook.

Healthcare Sourcing Secrets: Finding Top Physician, Nursing, and Clinical Talent Through Social, Search, and Beyond

Greg Hawkes—Sr. Recruiter & Talent Sourcer in the Texas Medical Center and a leader in sourcing and healthcare recruiting—reveals the high-impact techniques, tools, and hacks necessary to succeed in today’s most challenging talent market.

Employer Branding on a Shoestring: How to Turn Budget Scarcity Into Scalable Success

Ben Gledhill, head of Employer Branding & Candidate Experience at Manchester Metropolitan University, reveals how budgetary boundaries can bring about creative solutions, and how to set realistic goals that stretch—but never break—your limits.

What Consumer Marketing Can Teach HR: The Outside-In Approach to Candidate Experience

Lisa Chartier, Global Head of Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing at Philips, shares a 5 step blueprint to start an effective candidate experience strategy and insights about what macro trends are influencing companies’ ability to deliver positive candidate experiences in today’s digital world.

Secrets of a Top Sourcer: Sourcing Tools & Hacks for Finding the Best Hidden Talent

David Nicola, Technical Sourcer at ViaSat Inc., who will reveal the proven tech and tactics he uses for finding the most in-demand talent.

A Talk with GE: How Next-Stage Employer Branding Will Transform Hiring As We Know It

Shaunda Zilich, Global Employment Brand Leader at GE, discusses where recruiting and employer branding are headed, why marketing is paving the way, and what HR professionals must.

Social Recruiting 201: Beyond the Basics Techniques for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter Hiring

Lindsay Parks, TA Social Media Specialist at Travelers, reveals coveted tricks of the trade that sharpen your social media skills and push your recruiting efforts to their peak.

Social Recruiting 101: Clear the 3 Most Common Roadblocks To Your Best Employer Brand

CareerArc Client Success Manager, Alyssa Gioscia, reveals how to lead your branding efforts in the new year and navigate roadblocks.

Read Between the Data: The Recruiting Analytics Mistake That Can Cost You

Christy Childers, Global Employer Brand Manager at Dropbox, reveals the keys to contextual data analytics for recruitment.

Facebook Recruiting Secrets: A Top Sourcer’s Proven Search Techniques for Social & Beyond

Katie Gechijian—Lead Consultant at Proactive Talent Strategies-navigates Facebook, Chrome, and other tools and techniques that help target and engage the best talent on the largest social network.

Content Marketing for Talent Acquisition: How Content Drives Qualified Hires, and Buyers, to Your Door

Carmen Fontana, National Talent Acquisition Manager, and Misty Walsh, National Marketing Lead, at Centric Consulting share how their bootstrapped content marketing initiatives drove exponential returns.

How to Successfully Add Social Recruiting Into Your Existing Talent Acquisition Mix

Irma Long, VP of Talent at Follett Corporation shares how to craft a Social Recruiting Roadmap that complements a larger talent acquisition strategy.

Secrets of a Top Sourcer: Learn Proven Targeting & Hiring Techniques for Social & Beyond

Top sourcer and Wells Fargo VP Katie Gechijian reveals tested tricks of the trade that can transform your social sourcing strategy.

The Age of Employee Experience: Why Your Talent Brand Will Be Defined by the Experience You Design

Dr. Anna Tavis, Sr. Editor of HR People & Strategy, delivers a captivating lecture explaining why the death of Talent Management as we know it is giving swift rise to the age of Employee Experience.

Tech & Diversity Hiring: How Ericsson is Working to Build a Diverse Workforce through Social Recruiting

Ericsson’s VP of HR, Gunjan Aggarwal, and Sr. Director of Global Employer Brand, Lisa Smith-Strother, share their strategies to build a diverse workforce.

Smart Campaigns, Real Results: The Art & Science of Effective Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter Recruiting

Jamie Deveney, CareerArc Sr. Client Success Manager reveals the best techniques to ensure you reach the right audience with your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn campaigns.

Recruiter Brand Matters! 3 Simple Steps to Empowering Recruiters to Be Your Brand Ambassadors

CareerArc VP Mira Greenland and SVP Gary Zukowski share recruiter enablement plans and steps to empower your recruiters.

Social Recruiting 201: Beyond-the-Basics Techniques for LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter Hiring

Gary Zukowski, SVP of CareerArc, reveals coveted tricks of the trade that push social recruiting efforts, and their success, to their peak.

Visual Pop! 7 Types of Eye-Catching Content to Boost Your Talent Brand

Jennifer Newbill, Dell Inc.'s Sr. Manager Global Candidate Attraction, Engagement and Experience, and CareerArc's Mira Greenland reveal the formula to eye-catching social media posts that showcase your unique employer brand.

2016 Social Recruiting Checklist: 9 Must-Have Techniques for Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn Hiring

Discover how the best employer brands are using social networks to engage and build their online talent community. SVP of CareerArc, Gary Zukowski, shares how to plan and execute the latest and greatest techniques in social recruiting.

New Year, New You: Ready Your Personal & Employer Brand for 2016

Employer branding expert, Eric T. Tung, and CareerArc Client Success Manager, Audra Knight, share ways to dress your personal brand and your employment brand for success in 2016.

5 Ways to Grow Your Social Talent Community

Else Ross, Employee Experience Specialist at Forrester Research, and industry veteran Mira Greenland, VP of CareerArc, discuss the best practices in building a rich talent community through social media.

Facebook Recruiting Quick Start: Novice to Know-How in 1 Hour

SVP of CareerArc Gary Zukowski shares Facebook tactics you can use immediately to tap into Facebook’s vast talent pool.

Employer Branding 101: What To Post, When To Post, & How to Boost Awareness Fast

Celinda Appleby, Head of Global Recruitment Branding at Oracle, reveals which types of posts are most shared, when posts are most viewed, and what really grabs candidates’ attention.

Twitter Recruiting Quick Start: Novice to Know-How in 1 Hour

If you’re new to Twitter and want to advance your Twitter proficiency, fast, then join SVP of CareerArc, Gary Zukowski, in this accelerated course.