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Social Recruiting White Papers

Take advantage of our thought-leading white papers aimed to push your social recruiting success to new heights.

DEI Lookbook: How to promote your diversity initiatives on social media to drive diverse candidate pools

Learn how social recruiting can help you diversify your talent sources, raise awareness around your DEI initiatives, and attract diverse candidates. Download this new whitepaper and lookbook, complete with a checklist and real-world examples of CareerArc clients leading the charge in leveraging social media to support their diversity programs.

The Essential Social Recruiting Guide

Get the most comprehensive guide on social recruiting today. This 75-page guide will show you how to launch, expand, and optimize your social recruiting effort, as well as how to best leverage Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to attract top candidates.

CareerArc Employer Branding Study

We surveyed over 1,100 professionals to learn the state of employer brand impact and to see just how powerful social media, reviews, and ratings truly are.

The Future of Recruiting

Are you prepared for the Future of Recruiting? We surveyed over 1,000 professionals to learn the emerging trends and tech shaping talent acquisition today, as well as the innovative ways companies maintain a competitive employer brand—and consumer brand—for the talent of tomorrow.

The State of the Candidate Experience

What do job applicants really want from their candidate experience? Read our survey of 1,200 professionals who help reveal the gaps in the applicant process along with clear ways to deliver a memorable candidate journey that wins over the best talent.

13 Surprising Benefits That Social Recruiting Will Bring To Your Organization

Traditional ROI models don't work for Social Recruiting – but these 13 benefits will get your whole company applauding Social Recruiting.

10 Best Practices To Get Your Facebook Page Delivering Recruiting Results

Facebook Pages are becoming one of the best places to recruit talent. This white paper outlines the 10 best practices you should follow to ensure your Facebook Page delivers the recruiting results you're after.