The only social recruiting software inspired by marketing, built for recruiting

Get the scale, frequency, and strategy you need to successfully hire on social media

CareerArc is the only social recruiting software built for busy talent acquisition and employer brand teams who want to finally achieve real recruiting results on social media with less effort.

Quit the req race

With hundreds of open reqs at a given time, talent leaders like you can’t focus on just the next job to fill. You need brand equity that delivers more and more engaged candidates over time. CareerArc helps you showcase your jobs and your employer brand positively, consistently, and continuously to reach the talent you need today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Auto-sync with your ATS job inventory

Automated publishing of customized, social-optimized posts

Posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Glassdoor

Automated recruiter feeds

Jobs-integrated content calendar

Ready-made content templates

Interactive and embeddable branded job maps

Facebook job listings

Tracking and analytics

Automate social recruiting content creation and publishing

Social media domination, minus the effort
Communicate your brand and jobs at scale without losing that personal touch. We’ve taken the pain out of social publishing through automation tools and templates that ensure posts are brand-approved and tuned to recruit.

With direct access to job inventory in your ATS, CareerArc’s social recruiting software leverages your jobs and job metadata to automatically post, repost, and manage job content at scale, saving teams an average of 828 hours of work per year. We can even automatically delete published posts for recently filled positions. This ensures only and all of your open jobs appear on social, and with the right content, images, and hashtags. Yes, it’s like magic.

It may be time to practice your evil laugh or adopt a villainous kitty.

CareerArc social recruiting job campaigns
CareerArc social recruiting jobs-integrated content calendar

Merge employer brand content and jobs with the only job-inventory integrated content calendar

Dressed to impress, born to hire
Talent acquisition and employer brand go hand in hand. So should your social posts. On social, your candidate audience grows with each like, share, and comment. Make every post count with candidate-ready content that always has a catchy call-to-action. With time-saving automations, ready-made content templates, integrated job links, link tracking, and one-on-one strategic support, you can sit back knowing each post you publish will be on-brand, on-point, and on-task to make your next great hire.

Optimize for social media at every level

Social recruiting ninja skills: +1,000,000
CareerArc’s social recruiting software intelligently matches jobs with the right text and images, hashtags, geo-tagging, and more so your posts are customized while automatically following social media best practices. And our award-winning client success team provides additional strategy and 1:1 dedicated support (with Premier and Premier+ service plans) to help you up your game every step of the way.

Examples of CareerArc clients' healthcare recruiting social posts on iPhone screens
CareerArc social recruiting platform screenshot of social channels in campaign setup

Trigger a network effect that builds and builds with recruiter feeds

Kinda like the snowball that was 2020 but in a good way
By publishing to corporate social accounts, individual recruiter profiles, and more, CareerArc helps you expand into new and extended audiences while re-engaging the followers you have so you grow influence built on real connections that drive top talent back to you. Best of all, it’s automated so there’s no extra work for your recruiters to maintain a consistent stream of social posts based on the frequency they choose.

Revolutionize the way you display open jobs with interactive job maps

Put your employer brand on the map
CareerArc’s social recruiting software automatically places jobs from your ATS on an interactive map that lets candidates interact with your jobs nearest them, boosting engagement and the likelihood of applying. Job maps are brandable and embeddable into any career page or website, and displayed job postings can even include images and videos. See a live job map.

CareerArc job map example
CareerArc social recruiting reporting and analytics screenshot

Measure social recruiting outcomes

Know what works and what doesn’t
View your campaigns in real-time and monitor a live stream of your social, web, and mobile activity so you can double down on what’s resonating or pivot when needed. Tracking beacons follow candidates on their journey from impression to application submission, showing you the share of applicants CareerArc posts have influenced and even the efficacy of your ATS apply process based on your implementation. And did we mention those time savings?

See how it could work for you
Increase brand awareness
Get more applicants
Improve candidate quality
Cut time
to fill
cost per hire
Quote mark
Our main hiring challenge was finding and reaching qualified, credentialed healthcare candidates without overextending our lean recruitment team. With CareerArc we quickly began to see qualified applicants come in from previously untapped talent sources.


Social is CVS Health’s lowest cost per applicant and hire
Healthcare / Retail

“As one of the largest employers in the country, we at CVS Health rely on partners that can take on the volume of jobs we have and present our brand positively and consistently, everywhere. CareerArc’s targeted approach is not only effective but highly efficient: They continue to achieve the lowest cost-per-hire across all of our candidate sources.”


US Bank saved many hours of time and effort

“[Before CareerArc] I had a person spend hours and hours a day picking which jobs to tweet in which markets, figuring out hashtags, trying to find the right picture. And having CareerArc do that for us—significant savings to our company.”


Ulta Beauty increased hires 50%

“By partnering with CareerArc, we received 121k job applications—a 70% YOY increase—and made 15k hires, which is 50% more hires than the previous year. It was remarkable, and we attribute this success to CareerArc.”


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