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Tuesday, May 5 2020

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CareerArc Launches AI-Powered Video Assessment to Give Job Seekers a Competitive Edge in a Crowded Job Search Market

Award-winning outplacement provider adds artificial intelligence analysis feature to highlight key soft skills and character traits for job seekers

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. — May 5, 2020 — CareerArc, a global leader in outplacement technology and social recruiting, today announced the launch of its new video-based artificial intelligence feature within its outplacement platform. This AI-powered psychometric technology—built with state-of-the-art language processing, machine learning, and assessment science—evaluates candidates on their soft skills and character traits through brief self-guided video interviews. Candidates can use the insights generated through the assessment to perfect how they craft and communicate their personal brand in interviews, across their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other professional networking channels.

“With the current job market, job seekers need tools and insights that will help them stand out from the crowd. We are facing unprecedented times and CareerArc is dedicated to helping individuals impacted by the coronavirus pandemic plot the fastest track towards employment,” said Robin D. Richards, chairman and CEO of CareerArc. “As increasing volatility spurs more organizational shifts, we are giving employers and impacted employees a revolutionary approach to career transitions delivered at the running pace of the modern workforce.”

The new soft skills and character traits assessment provides candidates with insights into the unique qualities that will make them attractive to hiring managers looking to quickly fill crucial positions by measuring engagement, emotions, facial expressions, and other gestures. With this knowledge, candidates are better equipped to highlight the valuable soft skills they already possess – such as adaptability, curiosity, creativity, attention to detail, and communication styles – but which can sometimes be difficult for job seekers to articulate and place a value on.

The assessment is completed in three steps:

  • Candidates video record themselves responding to three common interview questions. Candidates can review and re-record their responses as many times as needed before submitting.
  • The artificial intelligence technology assesses candidate submissions and surfaces unique soft skills and personality traits that make them stand out during the interview process.
  • Candidates then receive a “Soft Skills and Character Traits Report” with their results in as little as five minutes. Candidates can review their scores alone or with one of CareerArc’s career coaches to determine how best to highlight each skill or trait across LinkedIn, cover letters, resumes, interviews, and more.

Through tech-based intelligence and the experienced support of world-class career coaches, CareerArc Outplacement helps transitioning employees land their next job nearly three times faster than the national average time it takes to find employment. CareerArc’s methods and technology were designed for employees of all levels, industries, and backgrounds. With various online, on-demand program tracks, CareerArc accelerates career transition by connecting candidates with career coaches faster and by providing personalized guidance for each individual.

“The most important thing job seekers can do right now is to use this time to make themselves more marketable, and our coaches are on standby seven days a week to help do just that,” said Yair Riemer, president of career transition services at CareerArc. “With this new assessment, our career coaches can better counsel job seekers to emphasize their unique strengths, while building the confidence they need to find their next opportunity as quickly as possible.”

About CareerArc

CareerArc is a leading HR technology company helping business leaders recruit and transition the modern workforce. CareerArc social recruiting and virtual outplacement solutions help thousands of organizations, including many of the Fortune 500, maximize their return on employer branding. By leveraging the cloud, running on modern infrastructure, and combining web, mobile and social media applications, CareerArc helps companies gain a competitive edge in recruitment, employment branding, and outplacement. CareerArc was founded in 2009 and has offices in Burbank, Calif. and Boston, Mass.

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