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Wednesday, June 27 2018

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CareerArc Launches CareerArc 2.0 Social Recruiting Platform Designed for Candidate-Driven Job Market

CareerArc, a global leader in HR technology, today announced the release of CareerArc 2.0, the most significant update to its award-winning social recruiting platform.

This latest product release enhances both the CareerArc recruitment software suite—used by over a thousand enterprise SaaS clients—and candidate-facing digital products—serving millions of job seekers—to their most intuitive and advanced versions to date.

“CVS Health hires talent in both the health care and retail spaces, which currently represent two of the most significant opportunities for employment in the country,” said Kerry Noone, Director, Recruitment Marketing & Advertising at CVS Health. “During a time when job openings outnumber candidates, we need to expand our reach as wide as possible to support our hiring strategies. CareerArc delivers a real-time competitive advantage in recruiting on social media and an opportunity for us to promote our company values and culture. The release of CareerArc 2.0 allows us to stay on the cutting edge of HR technology and recruit at the speed of social.”

“Employers face an unprecedented challenge: hiring in a job market squeezed by record-low unemployment and driven by candidates born and bred on social media,” said Robin D. Richards, Chairman & CEO at CareerArc. “It is for this candidate- and attention-scarce era that we have designed and today proudly release CareerArc 2.0—our most advanced social recruiting solution to date. With significant investments in interface design, collaboration tools, and media sharing capabilities, CareerArc 2.0 was built to keep our clients’ employer brands in front of their target talent and ever at the forefront of social media innovation.”

Social Recruiting Rebuilt for Candidate-Scarce Hiring

CareerArc 2.0 offers talent acquisition professionals a new level of employer brand management built for attracting and hiring candidates in the ever-tightening job market.

According to the most recent survey conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), nearly 9 in 10 organizations are now utilizing social media to recruit talent. To give employers an edge in the competitive social media landscape, CareerArc 2.0 brings to market advanced visual media capabilities—including video-enabled publishing, image editing, and asset management—that help optimize social job post performance and increase brand visibility across social media.

Key product enhancements include:

  • Easy & Flexible Campaign Creation: CareerArc Engage—CareerArc’s social media publishing tool built for recruiting—now comes equipped with ready-to-use social media content templates that can be further customized to alleviate a common pain point for companies involved in social recruiting: job content creation, distribution, and publishing.
  • Enhanced Image & Video Capabilities: CareerArc 2.0 enables seamless image and video sharing capabilities across multiple products, including the CareerArc Job Map, an embeddable map interface displaying open jobs in map view. Now with the ability to show custom images and videos beside open job descriptions, the new CareerArc Job Map marks a significant advancement in careers map technology.
  • Fully Tablet-Compatible: CareerArc 2.0 displays seamlessly on any tablet device, offering teams increased portability to post job content and check on live campaigns on the fly.

Additionally, to meet the growing need for collaboration within HR and recruiting teams, as well as for cross-functional collaboration with marketing teams, CareerArc 2.0 provides enhanced workflows and process automations to deliver heightened efficiency in social recruiting management.

Key enterprise platform enhancements include:

  • Reimagined, Redesigned Interface: Driven by user-focused design principles, CareerArc 2.0 delivers a highly intuitive user experience that charts the shortest path to popular platform actions, such as launching social campaigns, accessing print-ready performance reports, and managing open job inventories.
  • Persona-Driven User Settings & Deep Customizations: Built for the ever-evolving hiring team, CareerArc 2.0 includes default user permission settings tailored to fit various HR and marketing team roles—such as Recruiter, Employer Brand Manager, and Social Media Manager roles—available to assign to multiple users and open for further customization.
  • Accessible Customer Service & Training: CareerArc 2.0 features a new Universal Help Button accessible from any page of the platform. It serves as a direct line to a customer’s dedicated CareerArc Client Success Manager, or to the CareerArc Learn Module, an in-app resource center now complete with platform FAQs as well as curated, regularly refreshed HRCI & SHRM approved social recruiting courses.

CareerArc clients received advanced access to CareerArc 2.0 and in the first month increased collective time on site by 19 percent and exhibited an 18 percent rise in overall engagement.

CareerArc 2.0 is now available to all CareerArc Social Recruiting clients. To learn more about the CareerArc Social Recruiting Platform, visit

About CareerArc

CareerArc is the leading HR technology company helping business leaders recruit and transition the modern workforce. Our social recruiting and modern outplacement solutions help thousands of organizations, including many of the Fortune 500, maximize their return on employer branding. By leveraging the cloud, running on world-class infrastructure, and combining web, mobile and social media applications, we help companies gain a competitive edge in recruitment, employment branding, and benefits. Learn more about CareerArc’s enterprise solutions at

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