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Thursday, June 30, 2022

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CareerArc Launches Self-Building Social Media Posts and Frictionless Employee Advocacy to Make Recruiting Easier

BURBANK, CALIF. – June 30, 2022 – CareerArc, the only social recruiting platform purpose-built for talent acquisition, today announced the launch of Magic Posts for Employer Brand, a hands-off way to automatically create and publish a steady stream of employer-branded social media posts to drive candidate engagement, improve recruiting results, and save companies significant time and money.

Magic Posts for Employer Brand, together with Magic Posts for Job Posts released late last year, makes CareerArc the only solution to power end-to-end social media automation that self-builds and self-publishes both open job posts and employer brand posts—the two main types of content companies publish today to compete for candidate attention.

“For employers, gaining and sustaining candidate attention on social media has become harder each year and nearly impossible to do without additional help. But that help usually comes at a steep price of added staff and increased workloads to maintain an adequate and steady flow of quality content on social media,” said Anna Bersudsky, CareerArc’s Chief Product Officer. “Through Magic Posts for Employer Brand, we give HR and talent acquisition teams—who have borne the brunt of backfilling the talent vacuum left by the Great Resignation—a real competitive edge by solving the biggest pain points in social recruiting: manual content creation and publishing. Our hope is that through strategic automation, any company can level the playing field on social media and finally get a fair chance at reaching the talent they deserve.”

Applying a strategic approach to automation, CareerArc has solved the common pitfalls of automated social media posting through key features, including:

  • automated post variation that ensures non-repetitive content creation;
  • automated post optimization that maximizes content discoverability and conversion by applying the right image, hashtags, keywords, and more to each unique post; and
  • automated employee advocacy that maximizes content reach by publishing to unlimited personal and recruiter social media profiles via frictionless one-click opt-in.

CareerArc’s advanced and strategic automation capabilities are unmatched by any recruiting solution in the market and rival those found in the most popular social media tools used by marketers. CareerArc also offers an in-depth analytics platform for its customers, which features data points to track various aspects of campaign performance such as top posts over time, top posts by type, top posts by content, engagement types, an engagement heat map, and more.

“One goal that we’ve always had as a team is automation—getting maximum information out to potential applicants as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Jena Vonderhaar, Talent Acquisition Administrator at BCD Meetings & Events. “CareerArc’s employer brand campaign capability just came to the rescue with this upgrade and it’s been fantastic. We are actually working on developing all of that content to achieve another goal of showing candidates who we are as a company and what it means to work with us—and I think this employer branding is the easiest way to do that. CareerArc has made my life so much easier and it’s so much fun at the same time. There are so many fun tools and customizations that we can do to really paint that picture for applicants. So our goal of having everything automated has been more than achieved with CareerArc. I really don’t know what my day-to-day would look like without it.”

Learn more about Magic Posts for Employer Brand here.

About CareerArc

Founded in 2009, CareerArc has over a decade of experience helping the world’s largest, most exciting brands transform their social media presence into a strategic source of hire. Clients report notable achievements such as a 50% increase in hires, 85% retention rate for candidates hired through the platform, and a per-client average of more than 900 hours of work saved on recruiting each year. CareerArc’s social recruiting software and services give talent acquisition teams the power to communicate their employer brand at scale and drive meaningful brand awareness, affinity, and engagement to achieve their critical hiring demands and recruiting goals. Visit to learn more.

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