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Thursday, January 19 2012

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City of Atlanta Launches Local Job Matching Platform Powered by TweetMyJobs

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed Supports Major Technology Initiative Incorporating Mobile and Social Media to Drive Local Employment Solution

Atlanta, GA – January 19, 2012 – TweetMyJobs and the City of Atlanta embark on a public-private partnership focused on connecting local businesses with city residents seeking employment across all industries at all levels of employment, from entry level to C-Suite positions. TheCity of Atlanta Jobs Platform supports the Hire Atlanta initiative and is easy to use, free and available to any company hiring in Atlanta. The announcement was made by Mr. Robin D. Richards, Chairman & CEO of TweetMyJobs.

“I am pleased to announce the launch of Atlanta’s new online jobs platform in partnership with TweetMyJobs,” Mayor Reed said. “TweetMyJobs will help bridge the gap between the jobs our residents are seeking and the positions available. With more than 85,000 job listings on this new platform, this is just one of the ways we are using technology in an innovative way to keep Atlanta working.”

“We’re proud to be working with a forward-thinking leader like Mayor Reed who understands that mobile is a critical element in the communication and distribution of job opportunities because there are entire segments of the population who do not own a computer but do own a mobile phone,” said Mr. Richards.

This technology is revolutionizing recruitment by delivering to job seekers relevant job listings instantly, directly and via whatever medium they prefer – be it Facebook, Twitter, email or mobile – and taking advantage of the social graph to enable job referrals and introductions. Employers using the platform gain the opportunity, at no cost, to recruit socially, thereby reaping the competitive advantage of more qualified candidates faster.

“TweetMyJobs is a cutting edge technology platform that will more effectively link qualified job seekers with open job opportunities in the city of Atlanta,” said Yvonne Cowser Yancy, City of Atlanta’s Commissioner of Human Resources.

In addition, the City of Atlanta Jobs Platform will deliver robust analytics to city officials. This data will provide government leaders with hyper-local insights that can help steer key strategic decisions to foster future job growth and enhance relations among the government, employers and citizens.

On the job seeker side, the analytics platform will track the number of citizens pursuing job opportunities, the type of positions being sought, the level of position and the industries in which job seekers want to work. On the employer side, reports will show the number of jobs posted over time as well as the type, industry and location of available opportunities.

About TweetMyJobs
TweetMyJobs is the leading global social recruiting platform. Users receive highly relevant job matches and control where the matches are delivered (i.e. social media, email, text, etc.) and how frequently the matches are delivered (i.e. instantaneously, daily, weekly, etc.). TweetMyJobs pushes jobs into Twitter through more than 10,000 job channels segmented by geography, job type and industry giving the service an unequaled ability to instantaneously connect employers and recruiters with targeted job candidates. In addition, jobs get distributed to the Who? button, TweetMyJobs’ Facebook application, which allows jobseekers to use their Facebook network to find referrals with companies they are interested in. For additional information, please visit

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