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Thursday, June 13 2013

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Governor Announces Launch Of TweetMyJobs Platform For The Promotion Of Jobs In Puerto Rico

June 13, 2013 – San Juan – As part of his efforts for the promotion of jobs, the Governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro García Padilla announced today the launch of the platform, TweetMyJobs, a technology that facilitates the recruiting process for open job positions.

It is a system that serves to connect people looking for jobs with employers that have various open positions throughout the government.  The tool is also available in a free form to all employers that desire to publish their job openings by entering information about the job and pressing a button to push it out through the internet.

“We are going to create jobs and we are going to connect people with the opportunities that exist.  We are going to do this through multiple ways.  Today we present you one of the most innovative and modern ways.  We officially present the new way to access and identify jobs on our island.  Today I present you TweetMyJobs,” said the first executive in a press conference.

To use the platform, people who are looking for work register on the website,, and begin the process of interacting with potential employers.  At the same time, users will receive alerts through social networks, email, text messages, and mobile alerts if there is an available position that matches what they are looking for.  In this way, citizens can find out about available job positions easily and businesses can find qualified candidates quickly.

The first executive explained that, “the program provides the flexibility to be useful to thousands of potential employers across many industries and levels, from entry level to executive management”.

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