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Thursday, September 27 2012

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The City of Columbia Launches “Famously Hot Jobs”

Columbia, SC (September 27, 2012) – Mayor Steve Benjamin today launched “Famously Hot Jobs,” a new online jobs platform powered by TweetMyJobs that revolutionizes recruitment by incorporating mobile and social media. “Famously Hot Jobs” will assist local job seekers in the Columbia metro area by offering an easy and user-friendly online tool to facilitate their search for employment.

Mayor Benjamin unveiled “Famously Hot Jobs” at a press conference on Main Street, where a recent Façade Grant program leveraged $425,000 in federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to create over $6 million in private investment. Mayor Benjamin was joined by representatives of several local businesses including Time Warner Cable, Palmetto Health, the University of South Carolina, AFLAC and Avantech, which all have joined “Famously Hot Jobs.”

“Famously Hot Jobs” rovides job seekers with information on thousands of jobs in multiple industries at all levels of employment. Even more remarkable is that, thanks to the partnership between the City of Columbia and TweetMyJobs, residents and businesses alike can use“Famously Hot Jobs” for free which is welcome news to the roughly 31,000 unemployed and estimated 45,000 underemployed men and women living throughout Metro Columbia.

“We have enough jobs available right now to cut our unemployment rate by a third,” said Mayor Benjamin. “By adopting new technology and leveraging social media to drive local employment solutions, ‘Famously Hot Jobs’ presents a unique opportunity to connect those dots and create a stronger foundation for future job growth throughout the region.”

Columbia is the first city in the Carolinas to engage in this cutting-edge process which helps users learn about available jobs before anyone else and helps hiring employers reach qualified, local candidates fast, first and at no cost.

In addition, “Famously Hot Jobs” will encourage nearly 55,000 students attending any of Columbia’s multiple colleges and universities to stay in town after graduation as well as help support military personnel stationed at Fort Jackson, their families and returning veterans as they transition out of the military.

“Job creation starts locally and Mayor Benjamin is leading the charge to help Columbia citizens get back to work whether they’re in need of entry level jobs or seeking executive management positions. His proactive approach, desire to adopt the latest recruitment technology and his foresight in leveraging mobile and social media is highly commendable,” said Robin D. Richards, Chairman and CEO of TweetMyJobs.

Individuals who register at or via links from the City’s website,, will receive relevant job matches instantaneously by e-mail, text message, or from social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Famously Hot Jobs also offers people the opportunity to tap into their Facebook network to get introductions from their friends who are connected to hiring companies, which provides them with a great competitive edge. In addition, employers in the Columbia and the metro area who are seeking to fill open positions can use “Famously Hot Jobs” to advertise their jobs at no cost. The “Famously Hot Jobs” ervice also enables job seekers to view available jobs in their neighborhood through an incredible smartphone application. At the request of the White House, TweetMyJobs recently launched a site designed to help veterans and returning military personnel find jobs.

About TweetMyJobs

TweetMyJobs is the leading global social recruiting platform. Users receive highly relevant job matches and control where the matches are delivered (i.e. social media, email, text, etc.) and how frequently the matches are delivered (i.e. instantaneously, daily, weekly, etc.). TweetMyJobs pushes jobs into Twitter through more than 10,000 job channels segmented by geography, job type and industry giving the service an unequaled ability to instantaneously connect employers and recruiters with targeted job candidates. In addition, jobs get distributed to the Who? button,”TweetMyJobs’ Facebook application, which allows jobseekers to use their Facebook network to find referrals with companies they are interested in. At the request of the White House, TweetMyJobs recently launched a site designed to help veterans and returning military personnel find jobs. For additional information, please visit

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