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11 must-know TA strategies for 2022

Introducing the 2022 Talent Acquisition Strategies Kit

  • 11 crazily-effective strategies for recruiting candidates, retaining employees, and reimagining your talent acquisition strategy for 2022, and beyond.
  • Tons of best templates and winning examples of social recruiting posts.
  • Actionable tips and tricks to fuel your recruiting efforts.
  • A 2022 calendar of over 100 different hashtags to use in your recruiting, employer branding, and employee advocacy efforts.
  • And more!

Tired of feeling like your talent acquisition is in a rut? Of feeling that the constant challenge of just trying to fill your open jobs and keep your employees from leaving is never going to end?

You’re not alone. Between Covid, the Great Resignation, and countless other challenges, 2021 was a historically rough year for talent acquisition. 

But here’s the good news: Signs are showing that the Great Rehire–the period in which candidates will suddenly start applying to jobs in record numbers–could be closer than we think.

And with the right strategies, you could get an unfair share of the talent surplus. 

That’s why we created the 2022 Talent Acquisition Strategies Kit–your one-stop, ultimate collection of all the strategies you need to retain, attract, and reimagine your approach to finding talent ahead of the Great Rehire and beyond.

And we’re offering it to you. For free.

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