CareerArc Sr. SDR Team Lead, Victoria Simbol Shares Her Career Story

What was your very first job?

I worked at a shaved ice company called “Snowflakes”. I was a dessert designer!

How did you find your first job?

My best friend applied and got the job. Since I wanted to work with my best friend, I applied too.

What was your most exciting/unique job?

Working with my best friends and being part of a brand new restaurant. The owners met in Hawaii and were inspired by the shave ice there. So, they wanted to open up their own place. Working for someone who really cares about their company are the kinds of people everyone should work for!

What was your most unique or least favorite job duty?

I was also a server at an Italian restaurant for a few years. The irresponsible managers, long hours and smelly food made it the worst job I ever had.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Real answer…a Disney channel star. Realistic answer, I was always fascinated with teeth and surgeries. I wanted to be a dentist or a surgeon for a long time.

What did you go to school for?

I studied Communications at CSULB.

Describe your career arc.

Dessert designer > server > SDR > SDR team lead

What would you do if you could retire today?

Take my mom on a trip across the entire world!

What brought you to CareerArc?

Matt Pavon. Fun fact – we won Prom King & Queen together!

How do you like working here?

I LOVE working here!!! I never want to leave!!! The entire team is friendly, creative and everything else happy and positive!  

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Victoria Simbol
Job Title
Sr. SDR Team Lead


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