11 examples of killer social media job posts

Examples of how to craft more effective job posts
Social media job post examples

Looking to get more out of your social media job posts? Get more clicks, reach more candidates, and improve your brand awareness all at the same time?

For that, you need to do more than simply tell the world that you’re #hiring.

You need to give them a reason to care.

Not sure how to do that? That’s okay. We’ve already put together a social media caption guide for busy recruiters like yourself—you can check it out here. And if you’d like something more visual, then check these examples of some killer social media job posts, each hand-selected to showcase a different job posting tactic.

Approach every job post like it’s an employer brand post

The best way to do more with your social media job posts? Stop considering them merely job posts. Each job post is an opportunity to showcase your employer brand to your prospective candidates—telling them who you are, showing them what they’ll gain from working for you, and creating a lingering brand impression in their minds.

This post from ULTA Beauty is an excellent example of such a post:

They accomplish so much with just one post. They tell candidates they’re hiring, show them what they have to gain by working for them, and do a little employer brand boosting, too.

Another great example? This post from Wounded Warrior Project:

It doesn’t just tell you that they’re hiring. It tells you about their work culture, their mission, and their values—in an emotional and humane way.

Rephrase “we’re hiring” as a benefit

Take a look at this post from Schuby’s:

They could have started their post with, “We’re hiring.” But then it would have been all about them, and candidates, like all people, don’t care about what you’re getting out of it. They want to know what’s in it for them.

So instead, Schuby’s started with, “Ready to change your life for the better?”

One small tweak. A world of difference.

Show them the benefits

Yes, you’re hiring. But how does that benefit your candidates (aside from offering them a job, obviously)? What do you have to offer that other places don’t?

Don’t wait ‘til the interview to address that. Show them right now, on social media.

There are so many ways to include benefits in your job posts, but of all the many examples I’ve seen, this one from Texas Roadhouse is my favorite.

The benefits are just there. You don’t even have to read the caption. The picture literally says it all. This is such a brilliant idea, I honestly don’t know why more companies aren’t doing it.

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Turn your employee spotlights into job posts

It’s really difficult to overstate the importance of employee spotlights. They have so many benefits, from increasing retention to reaching a wider audience to speaking volumes about who you are as an employer. They can even boost sales. But in terms of hiring, employee spotlights work because your employees are the customers of your employer brand, and their spotlights are your customer testimonials.

So using one to double as a job post is a great tactic.

Here’s a great example from Mercy Medical Center.

Another good example? This one from CVS.

This one hits especially hard, because it’s an emotional spotlight as well.

Show your culture at the same time

As you’ve probably picked up by now, candidates these days want to know a lot about you before they’re ready to apply. Your benefits, your culture, your DEI initiatives, and so on. Anything you can do to include more of those points in your job posts helps.

Which is what makes this post from Cultured South so effective:

Through use of both their image and the way they worded their caption, they make clear that this is more than just a job. It’s an opportunity to be part of a family.

Keep the language light and airy

Sometimes, all you have to do with a job post is make it fun. Like this post form United Pacific:

There’s no talk about benefits, or culture, or anything like that. But the caption is fun enough that it’s not needed.

Good copy is its own marketing tactic.

Remember: great job posts don’t have to be complicated

You don’t have to start creating flashy graphics and complex designs to make better social media job posts. For example, take this awesome post from Velocity Partner:

This is an effective job post that says everything it needs to say–and it does really simply.

Job posts don’t have to be complicated to be effective.

Tailor your job posts to the job

The way you’ll word your job posts will often depend on the job you’re hiring for. Take this job post from Custodia Seniors Support:

This works great, because they’re hiring for a part-time gig where how much you work is up to you. Making that clear is essential to finding the right candidate.

Now contrast that with this post from WECREATE MEDIA:


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A post shared by +WeCreate Media (@wecreate.agency)

This job post is for an experienced professional who wants to be challenged. So telling them that this role is going to be challenging—in other words, that it isn’t for everybody—is a great way to catch their eye, because that’s what they’re looking for.

Get ready to take your job posts to the next level

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