CareerArc Client Success Manager, Jaclyn Lewis Shares Her Career Story

What was your very first job?

I got my first job right when I turned 16. It was a cashier position at Target.

How did you find your first job?

I lived right down the road, so I walked in and applied.

What was your most exciting/unique job?

My most unique job was when I worked summers during high school/college at the New England Center for Children. NECC is a school for children with Autism. I was an assistant teacher in the day care for employees who worked there. While the children I worked with did not have Autism, we often had integrated activities.

What was your most unique or least favorite job duty?

Working as a cashier at Target – one responsibility was cleaning the bathroom.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A marine biologist, until I realized that meant spending large amounts of time at sea. 

What did you go to school for?

I studied economics.

Describe your career arc.

Cashier > Assistant Teacher > Economic Data Intern > Client Service Manager > Client Relationship Manager > Client Success Manager

What would you do if you could retire today?

When I retire, I’d want to move down to Florida and work part-time as a cast member in the Disney parks. It is my happy place there.

What brought you to CareerArc?

Was looking to move to a smaller company than my previous employer, where my actions and ideas will have a bigger impact.

How do you like working here?

I love it. My coworkers are great. It is like a family here.

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Jaclyn Lewis
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Client Success Manager


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