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CareerArc Training Director Liz Reznak Shares Her Career Story

What was your very first job?

I worked at a day care near my home in Las Vegas until my dad made me quit due to getting sick too frequently.

How did you find your first job?

Was a while ago, so don’t recall for sure, but I think I just walked over and applied with an old school paper application. (That was likely the only choice back then.)

What was your most exciting/unique job?

Felt like a job, yet was really a volunteering gig. I worked with homeless and troubled kids tutoring them to help close the large gap they had in their schooling due to moving around a lot. It was quite challenging just to get them to stick to their commitments (like showing up for tutoring), yet so rewarding as I got to see the light bulbs go off when they understood something new and know that I made a positive difference in their lives.

What was your most unique or least favorite job duty?

Most unique was likely consulting for a friend’s interactive photo booth company, where I helped in the early stages of his business from process to technology improvements. I got to help during events, and see all the fun uses of props and poses people came up with in the sets. Least favorite job duty has to be changing diapers (who loves that?).

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A math teacher

What did you go to school for?

Computer science

Describe your career arc.

Child care > medical supplies store clerk > accounting > tutor > student > developer > tester > product manager > technical account manager > trainer > consultant > engagement manager > education lead > program manager > program director > training director

Have you ever been laid off? What challenges did you face? Did it end up being a good thing?

Yes, it was a drawn-out process as we knew it was most likely coming when my last company was being acquired. The long and large amounts of uncertainty were quite challenging. Definitely ended up being a good thing because it’s what led to me joining CareerArc.

Any unique unemployment stories?

I chose to dedicate some of my unemployed time to helping an amazing friend with her events production work, including a local music festival and an international musical whistling competition.

What would you do if you could retire today?

Travel the world! I love to experience how others live and have off the beaten path journeys in faraway lands.

What brought you to CareerArc?

Ultimately, the people!  

How do you like working here?

I love it! Everyone is kind, supportive, and appreciative.

Liz Reznak
Job Title
Training Director


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