How an automotive franchise attracts and retains talent with values-based employer branding

Blue-collar labor is experiencing a major shortage. As baby boomers are exiting the workforce, millennials are taking their place and this digitally-native generation is more interested in sitting in front of a computer than working with their hands. Christian Brothers Automotive feels the weight of this shortage in the scramble to fill their own technician positions. To help fill the gap, the national automotive repair franchise turned to what set them apart in the first place—their Christian values of honesty, integrity, and neighborly love. 

By treating their workforce like neighbors rather than employees, family members rather than service people, Christian Brothers Automotive established a company culture of transparency, employee development, and personal well-being. With such a pristine set of offerings in the auto repair industry, the only thing left that they needed to do was find the right vehicle to help spread the news. For that, they turned to CareerArc.

In a new case study, we detail how Christian Brothers Automotive used social media to amplify its employer brand to reach passive candidates

View the case study to learn how Christian Brothers Automotive executed its social recruiting strategy.

Christian Brothers Automotive quote


  • Create a social recruiting program to increase and keep talent pipeline full
  • Increase employer brand awareness to attract both active and passive candidates
  • Strengthen franchisor-franchisee relationship with a unified employer brand


  • Delivered some of the company’s highest quality candidates, making CareerArc one of the top 5 sources for application-to-hire every year
  • Decreased cost-per-applicant by 29%
  • Strengthened franchise employer brand by promoting all open jobs of 200 individual franchise branches through a unified social presence

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