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Put your jobs on the map and get more (and better) candidates

Ready to transform the way you approach multi-location and/or multi-brand hiring?

All it takes is just one nifty tool–a tool that:

  • got Texas Roadhouse 52,300 job clicks, with a 50% conversion rate
  • Flex called, “A huge driver of traffic for us and completed applications”
  • CVS said, “Drives a great deal of applicant traffic and engagement for us”

That tool is CareerArc job maps.

What are job maps?

CareerArc job maps are exactly what they sound like: an interactive, custom-branded map interface that offers candidates a visual and intuitive way to explore, search, and view open jobs.

Job maps can be created and embedded in minutes and are just as easy to configure. And since CareerArc automatically syncs with a company’s ATS to place and remove open jobs on the map, there’s no additional maintenance needed.

Job maps are so effective because they:

Display all your open jobs in a custom-branded map view 

Job maps showcase the expanse of your brand and open opportunities in one glance with brandable pins and customizations so you always leave an impression. Go beyond the search-bar-and-scroll career site experience and deliver a visual, highly interactive job search journey that generates tons of engagement with your brand and jobs.

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Put your candidates at the center of their job search

Enable candidates to view and find your jobs in the location they want much faster through a host of actions on their desktop or on mobile:  

  • Scroll and zoom in (like in Google Maps) 
  • Search for jobs by keyword and location 
  • Filter jobs by job category
  • View the details of an individual job
  • Click to apply to the job they are viewing
  • Getting directions to a job location
CareerArc's job map example
CareerArc social recruiting job map in a tweet
Drive candidate traffic across multiple sources 

Host job maps in a variety of ingenious places. Like:

  • Embedded in your career site
  • Pinned to the top of a social media feed
  • Added in your recruiters’ and employees’ email signatures
  • Accessible through a QR code that can be printed on receipts, brochures, or anything you choose
Focus candidate attention and engagement on specific regions, job types, and more

One CareerArc client has 85 job maps to help direct their candidates to the most relevant or most hard-to-fill positions.  Plot and personalize your candidate journey by customizing:

  • Which brands you’d like displayed (if you hire for multiple brands)
  • Which jobs are displayed—you can choose to display all jobs or display select jobs in a specific location, of a specific job type, etc. 
  • How many job maps you create for different career pages, brands, or use cases
Mobile job map example Chicago

Why clients 💖 CareerArc job maps

Quote mark

Our Cool Careers site job map, powered by CareerArc, is strategically positioned on our website’s landing page and provides a visually accessible snapshot of our positions nationally by location. It has consistently generated thousands of monthly apply-clicks for the past few years.


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The job map has been particularly effective in keeping the attention of our mobile, remote workforce on opportunities within the Leonardo DRS jobs network.


Leonardo DRS logo
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Another tool that provides more cutting-edge functionality is the CareerArc job map. Having a visual representation of all available jobs by location makes it easy for job seekers to realize their options and further differentiates Team Fishel from their competitors.


CareerArc case study: Team Fishel logo
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