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Executive social talks: Thrive during the Great Resignation

We’re living through a unique moment in history, and while we’re all looking for ways to navigate through the current global crisis, we’re also thinking about what comes next.

We created a series of Executive Social Talks to explore talent acquisition opportunities for the future. Over the next few months, we’ll bring HR leaders together to discuss how to deal with the most formidable recruiting challenges.

Our fourth talk

August 26, 2021   •   10 am PT | 1 pm ET

Thrive during the Great Resignation

Whether we like it or not, the Great Resignation is here. It’s a huge challenge for talent acquisition, but it’s also a tremendous opportunity. As a talent acquisition leader, you have two choices:

  • Do you want to merely survive, fighting an uphill battle to fill positions with qualified candidates at a reasonable cost per hire?
  • Or do you want to thrive, seizing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the talent market and snag the best candidates?

CareerArc’s future of recruiting study found that 61% of full-time employees are seeking new jobs in 2021. And according to the Harris Poll, 44% of workers have actual plans in place to make a leap this year.  How your organization pivots your recruiting strategy to attract candidates will be critical to whether your talent acquisition team can thrive in the great resignation.

This fourth talk will include a short presentation and live Q&A led by Carissa Jaji, Director of Client Success. You will learn:  

  1. What’s on job seekers’ minds.
  2. Where to meet top talent. 
  3. How to beat competition and thrive.
  4. Social recruiting best practices and client case studies.

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About the presenter:

Carissa JajiDirector of Client Success at CareerArc

Carissa Jaji serves as the Director of Client Success at CareerArc and has 9+ years of experience partnering with mid-to enterprise-level organizations to drive maximum return from enterprise technology and innovation. She leads a team of highly passionate social recruiting experts who partner with customers to achieve their talent acquisition and employer brand goals.  Having worked for several fast-growing startups, Carissa is passionate about technology that improves the working lives of those who depend on it and has developed an approach to client partnership and success founded on being human, positive, and candid. A UCSB graduate in communications, art, and technology management, Carissa is driven by an innate curiosity that draws from multiple disciplines to find creative solutions to any business challenge.

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