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Something big is coming

You’re gonna want to bookmark this one, because, to put it mildly:

We. Have. News.

Chances are, you know who we are and what we do. For over ten years, we’ve been transforming your social media network into a strategic source of hire: growing your employer brand, attracting you the right talent for your jobs, and saving you time.

And if you’re unfamiliar with how we do that, here’s a recap. Psst: for a more detailed overview on all this, check out our detailed features here.

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We’re the only social recruiting platform connected to your ATS

We auto-sync with your ATS job inventory, finding your current job openings and automatically posting, reposting, and managing your job content at scale. Kinda like magic. In the words of Jennifer Spry, Manager of Talent Management at Von: “Our brand and our open jobs are getting amazing exposure with minimal effort.”

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The power of automation, unleashed

CareerArc gives you the ability to infuse your brand into all your communications over social media at scale to increase brand awareness while making every impression memorable and click-worthy. As Jon Thurmond, Mid-Atlantic Regional Human Resources Manager at Team Fishel put it, “Consistency is one of the best things that has come out of our use of CareerArc. Consistency in the messaging, consistency in the look and feel—consistency across all of our social media channels. This level of professionalism in brand experience—especially in an industry such as ours—sets us apart.”

Leverage your recruiters’ and employees’ social networks

In addition to publishing posts to your company’s social media channels, CareerArc intelligently pushes job-related social posts to any of your recruiters’ social channels that we’ve been granted access to. Best of all, it’s automated so there’s no extra work for your recruiters to maintain a consistent stream of social posts based on the frequency they choose.

Use CareerArc’s optimization tips to create more effective posts

At CareerArc, automation and quality go hand in hand. We offer you ready-made templates, caption help, hashtags and geo-tagging optimization, award-winning one-on-one strategic support, and so much more. As Lucinda Ehlen & Jessica Sharpe of Barilla put it: “CareerArc has been an ideal partner in building and boosting Barilla’s employer brand. Through CareerArc social recruiting, we not only serve our candidates with the best job opportunities and online experiences, but we as a company feel empowered to share our brand story the way it was meant to be told.”

CareerArc client social recruiting examples in mobile phone

Build a pipeline of ready talent

At CareerArc, every post—even your job posts—are employer brand posts. And as you leverage CareerArc’s powerful automation to grow your employer brand, you’ll attract a pipeline of talent, just waiting for your next job to drop. As Karen Winant of Wounded Warrior Project tells it: “Our organization has experienced a dynamic lift of 562% in apply-click traffic. We saw this dramatic increase in traffic just weeks after CareerArc began distributing jobs across our recruiters’ LinkedIn channels.”

Speak directly to passive candidates

Passive candidates aren’t on job boards. But they are on social media (a logical deduction, considering that 90.71% of mobile users are active on social media). CareerArc helps you build an attractive employer brand on social media so you attract passive candidates in the one place they visit most. In the words of Susan Erickson of University of Arkansas Medical Sciences: “CareerArc has delivered us more qualified healthcare candidates in less time, especially when it came to our hard-to-fill positions.”

Reduce your cost-per-click while increasing ROI

Tired of blowing all your budget on job boards and programmatic ads? With CareerArc’s social recruiting platform, you drive reach, impressions, and organic clicks up while your cost remains fixed. The more jobs and employer brand content you share, the better your cost per click. And with increased exposure to your employer brand, your spend on paid advertising and other programs will be more cost-efficient and effective at attracting top candidates. As Kerry Noone, Director of Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing at CVS Health said, “CareerArc is one of our top sources of applicants and hires and lowest cost for applicants and hires.”

CareerArc social recruiting reporting and analytics screenshot

Save yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of hours

Effective social media recruiting takes a lot. It means:

  1. Posting all your open jobs
  2. Strategically reposting those jobs to keep them on people’s mind, by varying how often and in what way they’re posted
  3. Taking down job postings for filled positions
  4. Expanding beyond job postings to share employer brand posts like employee spotlights, DEI efforts, company culture, storytelling, and so much more!

How long would it take to manually manage social recruiting effectively? On average, about 949 hours a year (yeah, we did the math).

Don’t have that time? Let CareerArc do the work for you. As Shawn Scott, Talent Acquisition Associate at Vi Living told us: “Over the course of a year, hundreds of hours of my time are saved. I can’t imagine not using CareerArc to effectively execute our social media strategy.”

And now, for the news

That, in a somewhat-large nutshell, is CareerArc.

But that nutshell doesn’t fit us anymore.

Because this October 6th, we’re releasing the latest iteration of our social recruiting platform. And don’t worry, we’re still the same award-winning social recruiting solution you’ve known and loved for over a decade—only now, we’re doing things bigger, better, and faster.

Because this is more than just an upgrade. More than just the next iteration.

This is the next evolution of social recruiting.

And you can be the first to experience it.

Click below to book an intro call, and you will be the first to know when it launches.

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Our main hiring challenge was finding and reaching qualified, credentialed healthcare candidates without overextending our lean recruitment team. With CareerArc we quickly began to see qualified applicants come in from previously untapped talent sources.


Social is CVS Health’s lowest cost per applicant and hire
Healthcare / Retail

“As one of the largest employers in the country, we at CVS Health rely on partners that can take on the volume of jobs we have and present our brand positively and consistently, everywhere. CareerArc’s targeted approach is not only effective but highly efficient: They continue to achieve the lowest cost-per-hire across all of our candidate sources.”


US Bank saved many hours of time and effort

“[Before CareerArc] I had a person spend hours and hours a day picking which jobs to tweet in which markets, figuring out hashtags, trying to find the right picture. And having CareerArc do that for us—significant savings to our company.”


Ulta Beauty increased hires 50%

“By partnering with CareerArc, we received 121k job applications—a 70% YOY increase—and made 15k hires, which is 50% more hires than the previous year. It was remarkable, and we attribute this success to CareerArc.”


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