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Make every penny count

Do you ever feel like you’re throwing money down a rathole and STILL not getting the type of candidates you want? Frankly, you probably are. Recruiting is hard. Marketing is hard. You’re likely doing both while understaffed and underfunded and expected to make miracles happen. CareerArc social recruiting helps you improve the spend efficiency and outcomes of all your recruitment marketing programs, turning impressions into action and helping reduce your cost per hire.

Build a cost-effective pipeline of interested, qualified candidates

Be the company top candidates aspire to work for with a brand-forward approach
Job seekers put a premium on employer brand and reputation, even in this economy. A compelling employer brand pays dividends, attracting like-minded candidates with an affinity for your company, which can reduce cost per hire by up to 50 percent. And leveraging social media recruiting drives even more cost savings at 68% lower CPCs versus job ads. CareerArc’s social recruiting software helps you communicate your employer brand beautifully, frequently, and consistently at scale over social media so you can build a bench of top candidates who are looking for the job, not just a job. And with the ability to automatically publish to linked individual social media accounts, you can turn your team of recruiters into an employee advocacy and referral engine.

CPC cost savings for social media recruiting posts versus job ad CPCs
Analytics dashboard and social recruiting health score - CareerArc social recruiting platform

Make all your recruitment marketing spend more effective without pillaging your budget

Nudge candidates into action through repeated exposure
The quantity and quality of your brand impressions directly affect the size, quality, and speed of your candidate pipeline. Social recruiting is the great multiplier, getting your messages, your employer brand, and your jobs in front of top candidates organically and consistently over social media. This repeated exposure helps you achieve effective frequency at a low cost, which primes candidates for action. When they see your post on a job board, social media, or elsewhere, the repeated exposure to your message and positive association with your company and brand make them more likely to apply.

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We’re getting the top talent coming through an easy click of a button with CareerArc. I really don’t know what my day-to-day would look like without it.


Drive down your cost per click

You can pay for every click, but why would you?
Paid advertising and cost per click can blow through your budget quickly. For this reason, most companies do not sponsor all jobs, reserving budget primarily for urgent roles. Other open jobs? No love. They get much less exposure, meaning your recruiters have to work that much harder to fill those positions.

Put organic social media posts to work for you. With CareerArc’s social recruiting platform, you drive reach, impressions, and organic clicks up while your cost remains fixed. The more jobs and employer brand content you share, the better your cost per click. And with increased exposure to your employer brand, your spend on paid advertising and other programs will be more cost-efficient and effective at attracting top candidates.

Examples of social recruiting posts by CareerArc restaurant clients
Average hours per year customers save over manually posting jobs to social

Save hundreds or even thousands of hours of your time

How much is your team’s time worth?
Banish the busywork so you can focus on your candidates and hitting your recruiting goals. CareerArc’s automated job posting engine intelligently matches your customized content, graphics, and hashtags to related roles and job types and publishes to social media with the cadence, frequency, and channels you specify. You get customization and control over your social recruiting program at scale without all the manual work.

See how other recruiting teams use social media to reduce cost per hire
Social media is CVS Health’s lowest cost per hire
Retail / Healthcare

“CareerArc’s targeted approach is not only effective but highly efficient: They continue to achieve the lowest cost per hire across all of our candidate sources.”


Leonardo DRS shrunk time to fill and cost per hire

“Before CareerArc, we used a generic job board that had our positions sitting right beside listings from our competitors. What CareerArc offers is just light-years beyond that. The candidate experience they help us deliver shrunk our time to fill, cost per hire, and turnover. We’ve come a full 180.”


VON went beyond job boards to show ROI

“CareerArc not only allowed us to effectively recruit beyond job boards, but they consistently came back with the results to prove our return on investment.”


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