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Automate employee advocacy to reach more candidates in minutes

Easily activate your most influential recruiting resource—your people—with automated employee advocacy powered only by CareerArc.

Where employee advocacy meets strategic automation

Many traditional employee advocacy programs fail before they begin. With CareerArc, launching and sustaining employee advocacy on social media has never been easier.
As the only recruiting solution to automate employee advocacy, CareerArc turns your employees’ and recruiters’ social networks into powerful recruiting channels that fill your talent funnel with the best and the brightest with no added effort.
Ready to turn your employee advocacy drip into a tap for top talent? Transform your employee advocacy into a steady stream of top talent.
increase in job clicks on average after connecting just 5 LinkedIn ambassador profiles
Ready to watch your brand reach multiply with minimal effort?

Finally stop begging your people to post

Your employees and recruiters want to share good content—they just need it to be dead simple and way easy. 👋 Buh-bye to manually crafting, reviewing, and scheduling social media posts one by one. And say “hello” to more likes, hires, and hundreds of hours back to you and your team.

Employee motivation is encouraged, not required

Connect your recruiters’ and employees’ social profiles to CareerArc and consider your employee advocacy program launched! Since CareerArc can self-build and self-publish all your social job posts and employer brand content across unlimited social profiles, neither you nor your employees will need to muster any motivation to keep the content flowing. (6)
#3 Drive adoption with paswordless 1-click authorization v2
Drive adoption with passwordless 1-click authorization

Too often advocacy programs fail before they even begin due to lack of employees opting in. Drive quick adoption with CareerArc’s seamless sign-up process. With one click, employees receive an authorization email with steps they can complete in seconds to start auto-publishing content in minutes.

Always-on branding that’s always on-brand

CareerArc only assembles posts using pre-approved assets like images, text, and job details—the building blocks of a post—which ensures the content you and your team publish is always on-brand, but never bland. CareerArc also automates post variation and optimization so that the content, timing, and frequency are unique across all social channels and tuned for maximum reach and discoverability. (7)
Unlimited advocacy, limitless ROI

Unlike other employee advocacy solutions, CareerArc offers unlimited social channels—including unlimited LinkedIn profiles—unlimited post publishing, unlimited jobs, and unlimited admin seats. The possibilities are, well, limitless.

Measure the hiring impact of an employee-amped strategy

Discover how your employee advocacy efforts directly impact your talent outcomes, and learn who among your team is driving the most awareness and engagement back to your brand and jobs. Unlike other employee advocacy tools, CareerArc equips you with social media and talent acquisition metrics so you’re never left guessing if your expanded reach is driving real recruiting ROI.

Ready to watch your brand reach multiply with minimal effort?
Flex empowers their recruiters to automate strategically

“CareerArc is a critical component of our external branding efforts. We love the ability to customize templates and photos for all the regions where we hire. Our recruiters have the ability to only automatically post jobs that they’re filling so it’s customized for each person.”

Lindsay Lee
Flex, Senior Manager, Global Employer Brand

BCD M&E automates employee advocacy for a human touch

“One thing that I’ve seen, at least from my personal experience, in the talent acquisition recruitment world is that you lose that human touch a little bit. Everything’s so automated, which is a great thing, but you also miss that personable approach. And so now that we have these personal posts going out on all of our LinkedIn pages, we’re able to connect with those candidates and really form that relationship with them early on. So they really get that very vivid picture of who BCD is. And we can build on that relationship going forward.”

Jena Vonderhaar
BCD Meetings & Events, Administrator, Talent Aquisition

Vi Living uses employee advocacy to become a one-man army

“I’m automatically [posting] on all of our brand ambassadors pages. Again, I’m a small team, so it allows me to really re-imagine content and to update it more quickly.”

Shawn Scott
Vi Living, Talent Acquisition Manager

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