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You may have the most amazing employee value proposition, but if your employer brand is not reaching people, it does you no good.
We help you increase brand awareness and get eyeballs – lots of them.

Increase brand awareness and reach with the push of a button

The only social recruiting platform connected to your ATS
Using CareerArc’s social recruiting platform, you can grow the reach of your employer brand and jobs exponentially without significantly expanding your effort. CareerArc leverages jobs in your ATS and job metadata to automatically post, repost, and manage customized job-related content and imagery so you’re making a great, on-brand impression – literally and figuratively – every time without all the manual work. It’s like you10.

of job seekers consider an employer’s brand and reputation before applying to a job
CareerArc social recruiting platform screenshot of social channels in campaign setup
Tap into your recruiters’
social networks

Reach more candidates with every post
CareerArc’s social recruiting software helps you increase brand awareness significantly by leveraging the inherent network effect of social media. In addition to publishing posts to your company’s social media channels and CareerArc’s social and web channels, the platform intelligently pushes job-related social posts to your recruiters’ linked social channels. Clicks on those posts expose your message to second and third connections, growing your reach even further. Best of all, it’s automated so there’s no extra work for your recruiters to maintain a consistent stream of social posts based on the frequency they choose.

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Our brand and our open jobs are getting amazing exposure with minimal effort.


Be employer brand-forward with every post

Make a great (first, second, third…) impression
Employer brand is shaped by the stories you tell, the connections you create, the impressions you leave, and the actions you spark. CareerArc’s social recruiting platform gives you the ability to infuse your brand into all your communications over social media at scale to increase brand awareness while making every impression memorable and click-worthy.

CareerArc client social posts on Twitter and LinkedIn
of young American job seekers ages 18-29 interact with social recruiting content and/or use social media in their job search
Drive consistency with automation

Be as consistent as pandemic panic-buying but without the stress
A single tweet is like yelling down a dark hallway. To be effective, your employer brand needs to reach beyond your four walls, and it needs to be out there consistently before the best candidates even take notice. Take advantage of CareerArc’s automation capabilities to achieve effective frequency with your recruiting and brand initiatives so you’re the company top candidates think of when they shift from being passive to active job seekers.

Put your employer brand on the map

Make every part of the journey branded
Hiring for multiple locations or brands? Our interactive job map automatically places jobs from your ATS on a map with custom branding for a bold first impression and increased engagement.

CareerArc job map example
Ready to watch your brand reach multiply with minimal effort?
Team Fishel gained brand consistency

“Consistency is one of the best things that has come out of our use of CareerArc. Consistency in the messaging, consistency in the look and feel—consistency across all of our social media channels. This level of professionalism in brand experience—especially in an industry such as ours—sets us apart.”


Ulta Beauty saw a major increase in applicants

“We saw an instant increase in our applicant pool just because of the awareness we were getting through our partnership with CareerArc.”


Christian Brothers Automotive got their brand and jobs in front of millions

“With CareerArc, we have gained greater exposure to our online employer brand and have been able to get our brand and opportunities in front of millions of people in a way that we couldn’t have done otherwise.”


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