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How Texas Roadhouse attracted 400k applicants in 12 months with CareerArc [Video]

"CareerArc has been our number-one source when it comes to hires"

Texas Roadhouse is an American restaurant brand with nearly 600 locations nationwide and over 60,000 employees. Like many restaurants today, Texas Roadhouse is facing high demand and stiff competition for talent with no signs of easing soon. To meet those challenges, they invested in social media recruiting strategy and software powered by CareerArc and served up some amazing results.

We met with Laura Dunlap, Field Staffing Manager at Texas Roadhouse, Bubba’s 33, and Jaggers, who shared the impressive hiring outcomes they’ve reached through CareerArc social recruiting.

Texas Roadhouse's job map using CareerArc's social recruiting platform

How Texas Roadhouse got results with CareerArc

Attract more candidates for all locations, at once

“Just within the last 12 months alone, we’ve had close to 400,000 applicants come from CareerArc. We have actually been able to re-engage with 188,000 people that have expressed interest in those locations and divvy them up and into each location and those managers can grab those contacts and talk one on one with these applicants. We have also received 240,000 views from Facebook alone.”

Offer an interactive, localized job search experience

“And then our career site [is] a challenge to navigate through. And so CareerArc was able to put their job map on top of our career page which has actually 52,300 views, with the conversion rate of 50% in applies.”

Drive up applications, drive down hiring costs

“CareerArc has been our number-one source when it comes to hires, even compared to all of the other paid job boards that we use. They’re providing us with $1.96 per applicant for their cost per hire which is incredible, we haven’t seen that on any other job board.”

“CareerArc has been our number-one source when it comes to hires, even compared to all of the other paid job boards that we use.”


What’s next?

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