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How Boulder Community Health increased social job views by 110% in 8 months

Leveraging the network effect of social media to become the fourth highest source of hire
Boulder Community Health case study

Boulder Community Health (BCH), an independent, integrated regional health system with facilities throughout Boulder and Broomfield counties, has a mountain to climb. Facing a healthcare talent shortage, the team at BCH knew that in order to increase its visibility in a saturated state and market, they needed to broaden their recruitment reach and tap into the social media market.

We spoke with AVP of human resources Patricia Harris who shared why BCH turned to CareerArc and how, together, they increased their social media presence and engagement in little time. Read the full Boulder Community Health case study.

Boulder Community Health’s results with CareerArc

By continuously pushing social job posts onto popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, CareerArc helped build BCH’s career social media presence and develop a Twitter account.

CareerArc also helped them boost their social engagement. Since BCH’s social job postings driven by CareerArc get constant engagement from employees and the community at large, it’s steadily building its employer brand on social media.

“Leveraging a platform like CareerArc allowed us to gain a lot more visibility—in general as well as around open job vacancies—in a very automated way with little internal effort,” says Harris.

Another requirement the CareerArc platform had that was a deciding factor for BCH was its ability to grow along with the company. “With a lot of organizations, we sometimes feel like we have to do everything at once. With the CareerArc tool, we’ve had the flexibility of leveraging it to grow over time.”

“Leveraging a platform like CareerArc allowed us to gain a lot more visibility—in general as well as around open job vacancies—in a very automated way with little internal effort.”


A true partnership, a top source of hire

“Our client success manager leads optimization training with us every month and talks us through all the best practices so we can get the most out of the solution,” says Harris. “She’s a great partner who holds our organization accountable in moving forward.“ Although the platform is user friendly, leveraging our account manager and her expertise has really helped us optimize the solution.”

Today, nine months into the partnership, CareerArc is Boulder Community Health’s fourth highest source of hire—and it’s only the beginning. As the BCH recruiting team is growing, they are now ready to invest more in CareerArc to continue leveling-up their strategy and success.

Boulder Community Health's social media posts using CareerArc's social recruiting platform
What’s next?

Sign up for a demo of CareerArc’s social recruiting platform to learn how you can raise your employer brand awareness and recruiting results in less time through social media.

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