All your talent acquisition needs: solved

Imagine a social recruiting solution that does it all

Like a magic trick, it turns your social media platforms into a POWERHOUSE that attracts talent, builds your employer brand, saves recruiting costs, and keeps employees longer!

Introducing that solution: the latest iteration of CareerArc’s social recruiting platform; a platform that is, quite literally, the next evolution of social recruiting.

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Now, without any further ado . . .

Here’s what you can expect from the platform.

  • A content studio that empowers you to create powerful, attention-grabbing graphics—even if you don’t have any graphic design knowledge. Using the content studio, you can now upload images from your own libraries or select an image from Pexels, add a filter, format it with stylized text, and finish it off with a sticker or an emoji. You can get a professional social media post with a few clicks.  Is that simple?
  • Integration with daily work tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, YouTube, and Vimeo for a seamlessly efficient experience. 
  • Employer brand campaigns that showcase your DEI, culture, employees, and more with campaign-specific publishing schedules. This is a MUST-HAVE employer branding boosting tool during your busy hiring seasons.
  • Automated post recommendations that suggest the best imagery, publishing times, frequency, and more for your posts, all based on data-driven social media best practices. Finally, you may sleep at night knowing that you are being well taken care of.

Oh, did we mention that we also include exciting features like Magic Posts, analytics, ATS sync, and so on?

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How we help you

There are a lot of values our platform offers. Benefits like:

Building a powerfully effective employer brand

Because EVERY POST is an employer brand post—if done right. So ask yourself: which post do you think does more for your employer brand? This one?

Or this one?

Those are the types of posts you can effortlessly create with our platform. 

As Sean Taylor, Director of Talent Acquisition at Ulta Beauty put it: “We saw an instant increase in our applicant pool just because of the awareness we were getting through our partnership with CareerArc.”

Experience a far more effective social recruiting

There’re social media posts, and there are social media posts that work. Those posts take good design, thought-out captions, strategic posting time, and consistency.

Which is great, because those are all things we offer.

And the results show. In the words of Mark Mecellaro, PHR, SH, Director of Talent Development at Lassonde Pappas and Company: “CareerArc has provided us with a top-notch social media presence, which has resulted in an across-the-board increase in applications for both our corporate and manufacturing roles to the tune of 35%.”

Sign up today and get an additional month for free!
Increase brand awareness
Get more applicants
Improve candidate quality
Cut time
to fill
cost per hire
Quote mark
Our main hiring challenge was finding and reaching qualified, credentialed healthcare candidates without overextending our lean recruitment team. With CareerArc we quickly began to see qualified applicants come in from previously untapped talent sources.


Social is CVS Health’s lowest cost per applicant and hire
Healthcare / Retail

“As one of the largest employers in the country, we at CVS Health rely on partners that can take on the volume of jobs we have and present our brand positively and consistently, everywhere. CareerArc’s targeted approach is not only effective but highly efficient: They continue to achieve the lowest cost-per-hire across all of our candidate sources.”


US Bank saved many hours of time and effort

“[Before CareerArc] I had a person spend hours and hours a day picking which jobs to tweet in which markets, figuring out hashtags, trying to find the right picture. And having CareerArc do that for us—significant savings to our company.”


Ulta Beauty increased hires 50%

“By partnering with CareerArc, we received 121k job applications—a 70% YOY increase—and made 15k hires, which is 50% more hires than the previous year. It was remarkable, and we attribute this success to CareerArc.”


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