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Mobile Recruiting: Find a Job Using Your Phone

Potential employees and employers can now use their mobile devices to find the right job match.

We live in a social world, but we also live in a mobile world. iPhones. iPads. Instagram. People are interacting with the world around them – through maps, photography, instant communication, and more. So why shouldn’t the job search and discovery process be mobile as well? It should be. And it needs to be more efficient.

TweetMyJobs Mobile App
View nearby jobs through the map feature.

That’s why we just released a new TweetMyJobs mobile app – turning your iPhone or iPod Touch into the ultimate job-searching tool.
The application allows job seekers to search by role, industry and location and view jobs nearby on a map or using an augmented reality overlay.
At once, the TweetMyJobs app is powerful for businesses and seekers alike. For businesses, it enables job distribution and branding in the palm of a job seeker’s hand. Walking down the street or in a crowded mall? No problem – there are jobs around you. For job seekers, the ability to find work in their immediate area and apply via a mobile device is a no-brainer. Seekers can also receive job alerts, where they want them, when they want them. And, of course, the app is free.
For businesses, large and small, the ability to generate “foot traffic,” and local candidates – whether you’re looking to hire a barista or cashier, accountant or nurse, business analyst or CFO – is a superb advantage over competitors that aren’t distributing their jobs and their brand into the mobile world.
Potential employees and employers can now use their mobile devices to find the right job match. Don’t be left behind.

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How about an android app?

Thanks for the comment. We’re in the process of developing an Android version – stay tuned!

Paul – great news. We just released the Android version of the app! Download for free here:

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