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5 Social and Mobile Recruiting Posts You Might Have Missed

Today’s recruiting tips and trends.

Aside from the story on the NSA using encrypted tweets to recruit code breakers, below are 5 stories on today’s recruiting tips and trends you might have missed.

Your Employer Brand Owns The Candidate Experience

ForbesRead time: 2 mins

Employer branding goes way beyond slapping on logos and slogans to a Twitter cover photo. This post argues that employer reputation should run as deep as evaluating and reforming the candidate experience and the employee experience. Read on to see how you can push your employer brand standard.

Facebook Users Engage With Brands Most on Fridays

MarketingProfs – Read time: 3 mins

Get the edge on your Facebook engagement by testing the findings from a recent Adobe study, which found Friday is the day when users were most actively engaging with brands, as well as brands’ videos.

How to Hire Without Spending a Fortune (Hint: Use Social Media)

Entrepreneur Read time: 2 minutes

Yet another post on the cost-effective benefits of social recruiting. The article lists tips on other low-cost outlets and mentions a 1-800-Contacts case study that spiked click-throughs and tripled applicant quality.

How To Hack Hiring

TechCrunch Read time: 3 mins

This myth-busting post explains why Google threw out those surprise interview questions their employer brand was once famous for. Find out what other tips and trends are emerging, or receding, from Tech HR that may apply to your business.

4 Questions to Ask BEFORE Planning Your Mobile Recruiting Strategy [Illustration]

The Middle Ground Blog – Read time: 30 seconds

After that reading sprint, rest your eyes on this illustration on mobile recruiting prep questions to ask before you choreograph your next big mobile play. The illustration itself was entirely created on a mobile device–apparently in just 10 seconds.

Do you have any posts on modern hiring tips and trends? Please share them below.

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