Scroll Top Integrates The Who? Button & Leverages Facebook for its Job Seekers

The power of the social graph.

The power of the social graph

The power of the social graph couldn’t have been any more obvious this past week. After all, Facebook’s IPO filing revealed the company’s massive size – 800 million users and nearly $4 Billion in revenue last year alone. And it’s that same social graph that has enabled a handful of smart companies in the recruiting space to innovate and deliver product that leverages Facebook (and other social platforms) over the past few months and years. Today, in a further validation of the social recruiting space,, one of the largest recruiting sites in the world with more than 33 million members, announced that they would be integrating The Who? button onto their industry-leading career site.
The Who? button utilizes a user’s Facebook friends to alert a job seeker when they have a connection at a hiring company. When a job seeker views an opportunity on, they will now see a red “Who?” button graphic above the job description, which will allow them to install the Facebook application and instantly see if they have any first or second degree Facebook connections at the hiring company. Then, the seeker can directly request a referral through Facebook. Job seekers can tap into their contacts to request introductions at the hiring company, gain tips on how to apply, or to simply build their professional network –all of which allow job seekers on to be better positioned to land a new gig.
With unemployment still hovering around 8.5% nationwide, that’s putting the power of Facebook’s social graph to good use.

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