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5 Employer Branding Posts Every HR Leader Should Read

Strengthen your social recruiting skills.
5 Employer Branding Posts Every HR Leader Should Read

5 Employer Branding Posts Every HR Leader Should Read
Class is back in session. It’s time to read up on the latest employer branding research and facts. To help get you started, we’ve rounded up the top five employer branding posts that will strengthen your social recruiting skills.
3 Steps to Monitoring Your Employer BrandOwiwi
Do you know how your candidates perceive your employment brand? With 75% of job seekers considering a company’s employer brand before applying, now is the time put an employer branding strategy into play (if you haven’t already). Check out these great tips on how to get a jump start on monitoring your employer brand.
How to Effectively Tell Your Employer Brand StoryTalentCulture
Competing in today’s talent market can be challenging to say the least. How you communicate your company’s culture and values could mean the difference between attracting top candidates to your organization and losing their attention to your competition. Learn four ways to help showcase your employer brand.
What Can HR Learn From Marketing? – Brand Learning
Human resources and marketing may have a lot more in common than we think. For many companies, employees and job applicants are also current or prospective customers, so it’s important to deliver a standard of experience that serves both candidates and consumers. One way to do this is for HR leaders to adopt the marketing strategies that have proven to keep customers happy, loyal, and wanting more. Learn these five marketing lessons HR leaders can apply today.
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3 Reasons HR Should Pay Attention to the Amazon-Whole Foods DealFistful of Talent
Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods created quite the buzz this month. Word circled around suggesting the acquisition will change the way we buy our everyday groceries. So how does this news impact the HR practice? Discover why one author believes HR leaders should pay attention to this highly talked-about topic.
5 Reasons Why Employer Branding MattersKnowledge Center  
What’s the difference between your company brand and your employer brand? Learn how to decipher between these two and why it’s so important to boost your employer brand to attract candidates and even impact your bottom line.
Eager to get your employer branding strategy launched? Watch our webinar on demand for additional tips: Employer Branding 101: What To Post, When To Post, & How to Boost Awareness Fast

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