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How Novipax filled 19% of open jobs in 2.5 months with CareerArc [Video]

"CareerArc helped us immediately. It's been a game-changer.”

Like everyone else during the pandemic,absorbent packaging specialist Novipax struggled with filling their open roles. So they turned to CareerArc. The result? CareerArc social media recruiting software helped them transform their talent acquisition results, almost overnight.

We sat down with Kerstin Falvey, Director, Human Resources at Novipax, to talk about how they used CareerArc to boost their talent acquisition strategy.

Novipax social recruiting job posts using CareerArc's social recruiting platform

How Novipax saw overnight success with CareerArc

Seeing success with social media recruiting, even when traditional methods failed

“CareerArc actually helped us pretty immediately. Like everyone else through the pandemic, we just really struggled with filling our jobs. So we needed to think creatively. The retention bonuses, sign-on bonuses, attendance bonuses, increasing rates in shift differentials, flexible scheduling, et cetera that we had tried weren’t really working. So we needed something else. CareerArc naturally fit. We received applications overnight, which for a small-sized organization—that doesn’t have the brand recognition of some of the mega organizations in the world—was awesome.”

Overcoming the limits of your company size to reach hundreds of candidates on social media 

In the last two and a half months or so, we’ve had 800 job views, 240 or so applicants, and we’ve hired 13 directly from CareerArc. So, it’s made a real difference for us. We wouldn’t have touched them without the use of social media through CareerArc. And so, it’s definitely a part of our story for 2021, it’s going to continue to be a part of our story, and we’re going to keep adding to it.”

Save time and money by automating your social media publishing and recruiting

The most important part of our social is that it is now really frequent. Ultimately without CareerArc, I would have had to hire someone and really, really put a lot of funds into this. And so it’s been a game-changer.”

“Like everyone else through the pandemic, we struggled with filling our jobs. CareerArc helped us immediately. It’s been a game-changer.”


What’s next?

Looking to reap the benefits of social recruiting done right? To reach more candidates, higher quality candidates, and save yourself hundreds of precious hours in the process? Sign up for a demo of CareerArc’s social recruiting platform today, and discover how a complete social recruiting solution drives real talent acquisition ROI.

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