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Personable automation: How BCD M&E uses CareerArc to power candidate conversation

“We're getting the top talent coming through an easy click of a button with CareerArc.”

When BCD Meetings & Events—a company specializing in planning and executing corporate meetings and events—first partnered with CareerArc, they knew they needed to invest in social recruiting, and they knew they lacked the manpower to handle it alone. They were looking for a social media hiring solution that would allow them to reach more candidates, build a consistent employer brand presence across all their social media channels, and leverage the power and reach of effective employee advocacy. And, most importantly, they were looking to automate it all so it wouldn’t take any extra time on their end.

We recently sat down with Jena Vonderhaar, Talent Acquisition Administrator at BCD Meetings & Events, to talk about the results they’ve seen since partnering with CareerArc.

This is their story.

Novipax social recruiting job posts using CareerArc's social recruiting platform

How BCD M&E automates their social recruiting with CareerArc

One goal that we’ve always had as a team is automation—getting maximum information out to potential applicants as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our goal of having everything automated has been more than achieved with CareerArc. I really don’t know what my day-to-day would look like without it. It’s made my life so much easier and it’s so much fun at the same time. And it’s so easy to use, too. I get things checked off my list and I can still channel that creative side. And honestly, sometimes I forget that I’m working cause I just have so much fun in the platform and there are so many tools and ways to really vamp up what we’re putting out there. Like the calendar view—I’m a bit over-organized and it really satisfies that need for me to just have that all right in front of me all in the right place. It’s color coded, it’s visually appealing—everything about the platform is visually appealing—and so the calendar view is my bread and butter. I absolutely love it.

Employer branding and analytics

Two of the biggest areas we’re going to be taking advantage of is the employer branding and the analytics. CareerArc’s employer brand campaign capability just came to the rescue and it’s been fantastic. We are actually working on developing all of that content to achieve another goal of showing candidates who we are as a company and what it means to work for us—and I think this employer branding is the easiest way to do that.

Automated employee advocacy: results and successes

We have definitely seen a significant uptick in candidate interest and I think a lot of that has to do with the social media pushes that we’ve been doing through CareerArc—specifically to LinkedIn. It’s always been our heaviest source of traffic for candidate flow. And, since our team has really started taking advantage of all of the resources that CareerArc offers, we’ve been starting to post to our personal pages as well.

I’m getting connection requests, I’m getting messages two or three times a week—more than I had ever seen before—and it’s all about, ‘Hey, I saw your post. It sounds like a great role. All the information was there, but tell me more, how can I be your top candidate?’ So CareerArc is helping us get that content out there and in front of the right people and they’re seeing it.

One thing that I’ve seen, at least from my personal experience, in the talent acquisition recruitment world is that you kind of lose that human touch a little bit. Everything’s so automated, which is a great thing, but you also kind of miss that personable approach. And so now that we have these personal posts going out on all of our LinkedIn pages, we’re able to connect with those candidates and really form that relationship with them early on. So they really get that very vivid picture of who BCD is. And we can build on that relationship going forward. So while it may not be a perfect fit for the first role of interest, we know that person now through that connection, and now we can start working with them to find an even better fit, or just explore other options that they may be interested in.

It’s just been a really satisfying and rewarding feeling that we have this resource that makes it so easy for us. We’re getting the top talent coming through an easy click of a button with CareerArc.

We’re getting the top talent coming through an easy click of a button with CareerArc. I really don’t know what my day-to-day would look like without it.


What it’s like working with CareerArc

Working with the people at CareerArc is just flawless, absolutely flawless. I was trying to find the best word to sum up my experience and that’s the best that I can think of. It’s just been exquisite through and through. I can send an email over to our account representative and I have a response within the hour, usually within minutes. It could be something that I think is a big ask or is going to be a tedious workaround, and she always has an answer. She always has a solution. She always has another option if we need to explore different routes. Everyone that I’ve come across is just delightful—they’re problem solvers and it just seems like they really love what they do, and that comes through in the product itself.

Learning new skills with CareerArc

Personally, I was a little nervous about the social media marketing piece of my role. It’s not an area where I have a lot of experience or knowledge really. And when I came into the role, I was like, ‘I have no idea where to start. This seems kind of intimidating. It’s a lot to chew.’ But as soon as I started understanding and getting into CareerArc and working with our account representative, everything just fell into place. And now I feel like it’s improved my skill set overall. I think I have a much more knowledgeable approach to marketing and social media. And I think it’s all thanks to CareerArc, because I really would not have known where to get started or even what good content looks like. But the resources and the tools have been just through and through just fantastic.

Final thoughts on the CareerArc partnership

I just know that going forward, we’ll never have to validate our relationship with CareerArc to the leadership team because the numbers are gonna speak for themselves. If anyone’s out there looking for their next vendor to support a platform like this, really look no further, cause you’re not gonna find anything better than CareerArc. I think it’s absolutely helpful in every sense of the word. They’re just delightful people. I can’t say enough good things.

Watch the full video testimonial here.

I just know that going forward, we’ll never have to validate our relationship with CareerArc to the leadership team because the numbers are gonna speak for themselves.”


Experience strategic social recruiting automation

At CareerArc, we do social media recruiting automation differently. Our award-winning social media recruiting solution strategically automates your social media recruiting, ensuring you’re reaping all the benefits of social recruiting done right—like reaching passive candidates, widening your talent funnel, and growing your employer brand—while saving you an average of 2 months of work a year.

Interested in seeing it in action? Just click here to see a demo.

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