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5 recruitment marketing trends: 2022 Social Recruiting Benchmark Report

33M clicks proves it: Social recruiting CPCs cost 68% less than job ads
5 recruitment marketing trends

recruitment marketing cpc social recruiting benchmark

2021 shook up recruitment marketing. Between the Great Resignation, the changing economy, and all the Covid variants, reaching, attracting, and recruiting candidates has become harder than ever.

Which begs the question: which recruiting trends are worth the investment? Which ones are seeing constant results, and which are proving insufficient against the changing market?

Our brand new 2022 Social Recruiting Benchmark Report—which synthesizes data from over 33 million social recruiting job views/clicks and nearly 10 million apply-clicks in 2021—serves to answer those questions.

You can get instant access the full report for free here, or keep on reading to discover five 2022 recruitment marketing statistics and trends to help you decide which investments are most worth it.

1. Based on average cost per click (CPC), social media recruiting beats job ads as a far more cost-effective recruitment marketing tactic

If your recruitment marketing spend is up, you’re not alone. According to the Appcast 2022 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report, CPA (cost per application) and CPC (cost per click) went way up in 2021–to the tune of 43% for CPA and 54% for CPC.

But here’s the thing: not all recruitment marketing channels are created equal.

As our 2022 Social Recruiting Benchmark Report reveals, the average CPC for job-related social media posts for CareerArc clients was just $0.35 in 2021.

That’s a savings of 68.2%.

And that’s not the only key difference between social media recruiting and job boards. Read 6 more here.

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2. Social recruiting CPCs vary per industry

Social media recruiting CPCs were lower than paid ad CPCs across the board, but the difference in percentage varies. For example, take healthcare on one end and retail on the other. For healthcare, the average CPC for social media recruiting was $0.57, leading to 50.6% savings compared to ads. On the other end, the CPC for retail was just $0.18, leading to 83.5% savings compared to ads. Click here to see CPC benchmarks by industry.

Get access to CareerArc's 2022 Social Recruiting CPC + ROI Benchmark Report

3. Employee advocacy focus nearly doubled in 2021

Talent acquisition teams are notoriously understaffed and overworked. And with all the challenges 2021 brought, that workload only increased. Which helps explain why we saw record numbers of talent acquisition leaders embrace a strategy that helps them reach passive and active candidates beyond the limitations of their team: employee advocacy.

Employee advocacy is a strategy in which talent acquisition leaders involve recruiters, hiring managers, and even employees in their recruitment marketing by turning them into social media recruiting ambassadors for their company. In 2020, only 23% of CareerArc’s clients were pursuing employee advocacy and ambassadorship strategies. In 2021, that number nearly doubled to 43%.

4. CareerArc helped save our clients more time than ever

You may have heard, but here at CareerArc, we don’t just help you reach and exceed your talent acquisition goals. We help you do so while saving you tons of time in the process. And the amount of time isn’t fixed, either–we’re always striving to beat our record and save our clients even more time.

Cue our next takeaway stat from our 2022 Benchmark Report: In 2021, our average savings per client increased 14.6% to 949 hours of work saved per year. That’s nearly 6 months of work saved per year.

5. 2021 saw a renewed, overhauled, and larger-than-ever focus on employer branding

As employer brand becomes ever more important to candidates, talent acquisition leaders placed a bigger emphasis on employer brand. And that showed with our clients, too. 46% of CareerArc clients refreshed their social media recruiting imagery and 33% refreshed their social recruiting messaging in 2021. And a whopping 91% of our clients increased the scale and types of employer brand campaigns they executed on social media through CareerArc in 2021.

Get access to CareerArc's 2022 Social Recruiting CPC + ROI Benchmark Report

What’s the secret?

One thing you may be wondering at this point: it seems organic recruiting on social media through CareerArc results in drastically lower CPCs and hundreds of hours saved per year. Which sounds great, but what’s the secret? How are our clients achieving more for less?

The answer boils down to why social media hiring is so important for talent acquisition leaders to invest in. In short:

  • Candidates are on social media. For example, 73% of job seekers aged 18-34 found their last job via social media. 90% of Amercians aged 18-29, 82% of adults aged 30-49, and 69% of adults aged 50-65 are social media users.
  • Employer brand matters to candidates. Studies show that 89% of passive candidates and 84% of active ones consider employer brand before applying to a job. And social media is the number one place they go to research a company’s employer brand.
  • CareerArc’s suite of automation features lets you recruit at scale on social media. And it lets you do it with ease. Features like effortless auto-syncing with your ATS, magic posts (a feature that literally writes new social media posts for you), powerful automation, and so on. Read more here.
  • Our host of content and employer brand features give you full creative control. Like our intuitive content calender, employee advocacy and ambassadorship capabilities, a suite of content creation tools that let you sync with your daily work tools and pick from a Pexels-powered stock library, employer brand campaigns, and more. Read more here.
  • We’re the only social recruiting platform designed for talent acquisition. And we know how little time talent acquisition leaders have to tinker around, trying to figure things out. We designed every detail of our award-winning platform to help you reach your goals faster–and to save you a ton of time in the process.

Check out CareerArc’s 2022 Social Recruiting Benchmark Report for free

Enjoyed this sneak peek into our Benchmark Report? Then you’re gonna love the full thing. Access this report for more stats and insights, including:

  • Social media recruiting CPCs as compared to job ad CPCs by industry
  • Cost savings by industry
  • Time savings by industry
  • Usage increase in recruiter, hiring manager, and employee ambassadors
  • Changes in employer brand content and publishing
  • Examples of winning social media recruiting posts

And here’s the best part: it’s free.

Want in? Just click here to access your free Benchmark Report today.

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